Useful Ways to Effectively Grow Your Fanbase and Promote Your Music Online

Are you trying to reach more people to grow your music business? Here are some of the best ways to promote your music so that more people can listen to it! Once you establish your brand, you can spend more time creating and less time worrying about how to get your music out there. 

Market Yourself by Creating a Brand

What exactly are you trying to communicate to your audience? Are you a country musician? Do you produce indie music with a very specific audience? Figuring out what separates you from other artists can give you a kickstart into building your brand. Find the thing that makes you unique and then build your brand around it. Try creating a recognizable logo for yourself that will allow your work to be more easily identified. One thing to consider is the interest of your target audience. Use consistent style and color schemes across all the material that you publish so you can get recognized. 

Try a new platform

Are you using all the possible channels to get your music out there? You may have chosen the obvious music platforms such as Soundcloud or Spotify but reaching across platforms can increase your exposure. Try posting short videos on TikTok or photos of your music studio on Instagram. Allowing your audience to see the background of creating can make them feel more connected to your creative process, and maybe even inspire them to try making some music too! Use marketing services from platforms like Buy Social Today to increase your exposure on Spotify and Soundcloud

Create an Email List

Creating a list of connections will give more people a chance to interact with your content. Get your audience to subscribe to a mailing list by offering a giveaway (a chance to win something in exchange for an email address), or special insider perks for signing up (think bonus content or photos). Then use your mailing list to show your audience the value of your music or keep them updated on your latest projects. 

Start a Blog

Another way for you to connect with your audience is by starting a blog. This is a way for you to build your brand by telling your audience more about yourself and your music. Choose topics to write about such as your music process, your inspiration, your gear, or anything that your audience can connect with. 


Find ways to get more exposure by networking with people whose platforms you can tap into. Do you have a friend who hosts a music podcast? Podcasters are usually looking for new content for their shows. What would be better than getting your name out to the podcaster’s audience, all while helping them to create new and meaningful content for their platform? Meeting people who do the same thing that you do will help you grow your audience. Every person is different and will have different approaches to music. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Listen to what people do differently and try to incorporate some of your new knowledge into your own skill set. 

Be Authentic

however you decide to grow your fanbase, make sure that you keep it “on brand.” Be yourself and your audience will connect with you!

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