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When is the Earnings Report for AK Steel (AKS)?

when is the earnings report for ak steel aks 11155
when is the earnings report for ak steel aks 11155

When is the earnings report for AKS? Investors want to know what the company plans to announce in its quarterly report. You can use the earnings estimate to get a rough idea of the company’s future. The estimate is based on the last two quarters’ earnings and it is likely to be revised downward from that point. In addition to the earnings estimate, you can also look at its historical results and its forecast for the next quarter.

AK Steel (AKS) released its latest quarterly earnings on Monday, which missed analysts’ expectations. The company reported adjusted earnings of just 19 cents a share, or 18 cents per share, in the second quarter of fiscal 2018. That was down from the year-ago quarter. The company forecasted a 22 cents per share quarter, and provided disappointing guidance for the remainder of the year. Therefore, it is a good time to buy shares of AK Steel.

AK Steel has consistently underperformed the market this year, and its next earnings report could help investors find a breakout opportunity. The stock has fallen 21.1% since its last earnings report, but it could be due for a breakout. AK Steel reported a loss of $4.5 million in the first quarter of 2019. Last year, the company earned nine cents a share. However, analysts expect that this number will rebound in the coming quarter.

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