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When is the Earnings Report For BIP?

when is the earnings report for bip 11221
when is the earnings report for bip 11221

If you’re wondering when is the earnings report for BIP, you’re not alone. BIP shares usually go up in price following earnings, and the average closing price is 0.82% higher than the day before. However, there are times to buy and sell BIP before earnings. The best time to buy BIP stock is before earnings, four weeks before the company announces its results. The worst time to buy is twenty-one days before the earnings report, when the average price is 1.3% lower.

In addition, watch for any significant news that can impact the stock’s price. A 10% decline after the earnings call is a strong bearish signal. Good news is just as important, and BIP’s stock will likely see a boost after the release of earnings. You should be prepared to purchase stock before the earnings call if you think the company will deliver good news. But be aware that you don’t have an unlimited amount of money to invest in BIP stock.

For the next quarter, BIP will issue a $0.36 per unit distribution. The dividend will be paid on September 29, 2022. This increase is consistent with the prior year’s $0.36 per unit distribution. This quarterly payout will reflect the 3-for-two share and unit split that the company announced in June 2022. It also reflects a capital gains dividend on BIP Senior Preferred Shares, Series 1.

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