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We are willing to accept the following topics:

We accept Technology, Business, Gaming, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Hosting, Computer, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Top X, Programming, Education, Gadgets, and more…

We don’t accept the following topics:

The articles discuss casinos, gambling, gambling for adults and prescription drugs, online pharmacies vaping as well as religion, dating, and weapons.


  • Unique, original, non-plagiarized informational, and non-promotional material is required.
  • The piece must be 500 words or less and written completely from scratch.
  • There is a limit of 2 do-follow links per page.
  • Human-written content only.

Tech Write For Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Techviral.tech “Write for Us” page! Even though we are grateful for your interest in writing for us, we have some conditions. Make a contribution to our collective knowledge If you have any knowledge or insight into any of the following niches or topics, please consider writing an article for us. “Write for Us + Tech”

If you wish to write for us, you should be aware of our standards for content format before you begin.

Write articles for our website that are relevant to “What,” “How-to,” “Tips,” or “Top list,” etc topics. Content that has been well-researched and based on polls, surveys, and research studies done by the approved platform should be included. “Tech Write for Us”

Getting inspired is a great feeling. But what about plagiarism? It’s a resounding nay, to say the least! We would only consider suggestions that were completely unique and written with great enthusiasm. If you are mentioning another work in any way, please be sure to provide proper credit to the author. Any and all plagiarised content will be removed from the site without delay. “Write for Us Tech”

We do have a rigorous limit on the number of words you may use in an article. However, any article with more than 1000 words will suffice! In addition, we place a little more emphasis on some topics or niches, or themes that are relevant to our website SEO.

Some Criteria to look into – Write For Us + Tech

  • The content should be at least 1000 words in length.
  • The article must be original, well-formatted, and provide useful information.
  • The article must cover the topic in detail, including images, screenshots, and videos (if applicable). Images, screenshots, and videos (if applicable) should be aligned in the center of the page, and the image size should be between 50 and 200 kb.
  • You should utilize appropriate headers and paragraphs in your writing. The use of H2, H3, and H4 headers is permitted in this article.
  • NoGrammatical Errors
  • Featured Image should be of 1200px (width) X 900 (height) resolution.
  • Your content should be connected to the Niche/Topic you are writing about.
  • Linking from your author bio to your website and social media networks is permitted.
  • We reserve the right to change your work as well as to remove any links, author accounts, and/or content that you have provided.
  • You will be responsible for the self-promotion of your article, and you will be expected to promote your post on social media platforms. If someone leaves a comment on your post, you are responsible for responding to them.
  • Your article should be unique since we value each and every piece of labor. If we discover that you have duplicated a post from another forum, you will be banned from the site, and your post and profile will be erased.
  • We have the right to delete any links from the content that are irrelevant or commercial in nature.
  • We also accept Infographics that are well-designed and emotive. When submitting your infographic, please include an opening paragraph of 100 to 300 words.
  • When someone complains or finds duplicated content, we have the right to utilize your guest piece for commercial or promotional purposes. We also have the right to manage, edit, add, and remove articles from our site. Articles may also be edited to improve their SEO rankings and readability by adding, removing, or modifying certain parts of them.
  • After submitting an article to us, we assume that you have read and agree to our terms and policies. If your article passes the plagiarism test, we will notify you via email. After that, your article becomes our property, and we have the right to add, delete, and modify the article information as we see fit, without notifying you first.
  • We can also include an internal and external link to the article to make it more SEO friendly, and it is very important that you do not publish the same article on other blogging platforms if we discover that you have done so. If we discover that you have done so, we will simply remove your links from the article.

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