15 Cool Google Tricks That You’d Love to Know

Google is an integral part of a large portion of Internet users. To satisfy our insatiable thirst for knowledge, we use Google every day.

Let’s take a break and see some Google tricks, fun searches, and games hidden behind the layers of Google’s vast database.

You may be wondering what the point of these Google tricks is. There is no purpose to these Google tricks. These are fun Google things. This is something that you can show your friends and impress them with your geeky side.

This article focuses on all the great things you can do with Google. I have also compiled a Google Tricks List. Here’s the list:

Google continues to add new easter eggs and delete the old ones. You can play with Google’s lost secrets. ElgooG is a mirror site of Google.

List of the Best Google Fun Tricks

1. Make a barrel roll

Google’s most loved trick is to ask Google to perform a barrel roll. Google will do a barrel roll. Simply type the phrase “do a barrage roll” into the search box. It will rotate twice, then return to its original position. It is worth checking out.

2. Atari Breakout

Although the board game has seen hundreds of variations, no one will ever forget the original Atari Breakout in the ’90s. Don’t miss this chance if you haven’t had it yet.

The game is not available via Google Search, but it can be found in Google. Scroll down to the Atari Breakout Game section of the website. All the Google images will now be converted into blocks that you can use to play the famous game. Please comment below with your maximum score.

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3. Askew

Askew is yet another fun Google trick. To see how your page tilts, go to the Google search bar. Although it doesn’t look as interesting as other Google tricks, it’s still fun to see the largest search engine tilt a little on your desktop.

4. Recursion

Recursion Google Fun trick 2020

“Recursion is a key concept to understanding.” This Google trick is for IT professionals.

Google search for “recursion” and you’ll be stuck in an endless loop similar to recursion. Recursion is the act of repeating. Google will display “did you mean to recursion?” when searching for recursion. It is fun for geeks who are able to understand recursion.

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5. Google Gravity

Gravity is amazing, even on the Google homepage. Here’s how to make Google bow down for once.

Enter “Google Gravity” in the search box and click the “I’m feeling Lucky” button. This will take you to Google Gravity, which is a fun project. This is a Chrome Experiment by Hi-Res.

The Gravity trick is an interactive Google search. It might be tedious to find the menus.

6. Thanos

Thanos Google Hidden Trick

This Google trick will please Marvel fans. Click on “Thanos snap-trick” at elgooG. Once you’re at the search results page, click on “Thanos snap trick” to jump to Marvel’s supervillain biography.

Fun Google Tricks for 2020

Click on the “Gauntlet”, located just below Google Images, to see Google disintegrate its page listing.

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7. Angram

Google Developer Trick Anagram

This is one those dad jokes that, while not funny, make you smile. Here’s one from Google Developers.

Google will ask you if “Anagram” is what you mean when you search for it. It is a fake word that Google uses to ask you if you meant “Nag A Ram”.

8. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush appears to have vanished, but ElgooG still has the cool Google search that was created by the All Too Flat.

Go to ElgooG, and choose Zeg Rush. Many ‘os’ will begin to disappear from the search bar, slowly eating up the entire page. It’s quite entertaining to see.

You can also access the hidden Google trick by clicking “I am feeling Lucky” after you have typed “Zerg Rush”, on the Google search bar.

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9. Google Sky

Google Sky, another cool Google trick allows users to fly through space. Google sky allows you to see celestial objects such as stars, galaxies and planets.

10. 10. The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Trick

This Easter egg was created by Google on the 25th anniversary the hit sitcom “Friends.”

To trigger the Easter egg, you simply need to search for the character names of any sitcom with the word “friends”. You can search for “Ross Friends”, or “Monica Friends”, and each icon will be displayed on the right side. It’s easy to spot on a smartphone. Click on the icon to see the magic.

friends easter egg google tricks

Google Search can also be used to search for “Friends Glossary”, which will reveal funny definitions of phrases used on the TV show.

friends easter egg glossary

11. Timelapse


Google Earth’s new feature, Timelapse, allows users to view a timelapse showing how an area has changed over 37 years. This feature allows you to view the evolution of metropolitan areas over time, as well as the melting of Antarctica ice.

It’s not technically a Google Search trick but it’s still quite entertaining. Go to the Google Earth Timelapse webpage to access the feature. Select the area that you would like to see the timelapse.

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12. Animal Sounds

You can search for Animal Sounds if you’re looking for something fun to search on Google. You can make sounds of various animals, as the search query says.

Tap on the volume icon next to the animal’s name while browsing the search results.

13. Cha-Cha Slide

Learn some dance moves! Look for ChaCha Slide, then click on the Microphone icon. Continue clicking on it to try new moves.

14. Google in 1988

Have you ever wondered what it was like back in 1988 when Google was created? Just type “Google 1988” into the Google search box to see it for yourself.

You will notice that there were very few websites in search results back then. Moreover, they did not have images.

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