1982 Quarter Error

The 1982 quarter error was a big problem in the early 1980s, a time when unemployment was at its highest level in decades and the economy was suffering. Despite the economic downturn, the United States Mint continued to strike an average number of quarters. This was a problem for the coin, which served as the workhorse of American commerce, as many unemployed people struggled to find spare change to pay their bills and buy groceries.

The error was caused by an error in the minting process. This affected the surface detail of the coin. In other cases, the die was misaligned or double-sided. Another common type of error is a strike error, which occurs when a die is pressed into the coin, causing an oddity.

Coins with errors usually have higher values. 1982 quarters with errors can be graded and sold for more than face value. A quarter in extremely fine condition can fetch as much as $2, while a near uncirculated one in MS68 quality can fetch as much as $4,000. This type of coin is highly collectible and can be sold in auctions and eCommerce sites.

Due to their scarcity and value, 1982 quarters have higher value than their face value. Collectors are looking for lightly circulated quarters in good condition and will pay premium prices for them. The value of 1982 quarters also depends on their condition. A quarter that is MS63 or better will fetch a premium price and an MS65 quarter will be worth nearly double of its face value.

The 1982 quarter error is a die error. The master hub accidentally slipped during the impression process of the design in the die. This led to the appearance of extra trees. Coin collectors appreciate extra corn leaf errors and love to collect them. The extra trees are a great way to distinguish these coins from regular coins.

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