1984 D Dime Value

If you own a pair of 1984-D Roosevelt dimes, you may be wondering how much they are worth. If you find one in pristine condition, you can expect to receive $2.55. If you aren’t sure about the value of your coins, you can visit the coin price chart and coin grader sites to find out. Alternatively, you can find out how much a metal equivalent would be worth for your coin.

To make the process easier, you can get a value estimate by visiting the Coin Price Guide. Prices are listed for both circulated and uncirculated coins. These are just average values. Depending on the grade of your coin, you may get a slightly higher or lower offer. Also, remember that the price of your coin is dependent on a variety of other factors, including the condition and grade. If you’re looking for a specific condition, the value of your coin may change over time.

In addition to grading, the highest-quality examples of the 1984-D dime can command up to $1,000 in the uncirculated grade. However, if you’re looking for the highest possible price, you should look for a coin with Full Bands on its torch. If you find one with Full Bands, you’ll probably be able to get an extra dollar or two for it. A low-grade 1984-D dime can fetch anywhere from $1.50 to five dollars, depending on the grade and condition. A PCGS-certified 1984-D dime in MS68 will be worth up to $5,500.

Despite the fact that the Philadelphia Mint started applying mintmarks to dimes in the early 1980s, many of these coins still do not have a “P” mint mark, making them worth considerably more than a regular 1982-P dime. It is important to note, however, that many of these coins are fakes or altered from common 1982-P dimes. To avoid losing your money or losing your coins in the wrong hands, you should seek out a reputable coin dealer or third-party grading service.

If you have a single, perfect 1984-D dime, the condition is crucial to its value. A coin in good condition can fetch upwards of $1,500. Likewise, a coin with a clipped planchet will fetch a minimum of $30. On a good day, a clipped planchet dime may go for as much as $30. In addition, a coin with a missing mint mark can fetch up to $1,500.

There are other types of dimes that have a high value. Mercury and Barber dimes contain a substantial amount of silver and are worth at least two cents in their worn condition. As for the value of the D dime, copper dimes are much more valuable than their face value. These coins can fetch anywhere from $1 to six dollars, depending on the condition. That’s a significant increase over the original value of 10 cents.

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