1988 d quarter error list

1988 D Quarter Error List

The 1988 d quarter is famous for its numerous errors. Depending on the grade and condition, an error coin can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In fact, there are more of these errors than you might think. Here is a list of the most common errors, along with their estimated values:

The year “1988” is not the only one with errors. Coins from the year “1988 P” have die errors as well. For example, a 1988 D quarter with a faulty reverse die could be worth more than a coin with the same date. This type of error is called a proof coin and may be worth a hundred dollars or more. In the past, coins with proofs have commanded higher prices than their regular counterparts.

A quarter with a mintmark error is also very rare. It is worth $40 if it bears a mintmark. Quarters from the same state as Virginia have several different types of errors. For example, a coin from the state of Virginia contains multiple strikethroughs or doubled dies. This error is particularly rare on D quarters because of their scarcity. In addition, quarters from New Hampshire are worth $40.

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