1992 D Penny Double Die

There are various varieties of 1992 d pennies. A 1993 reverse design on a 1992-D Lincoln cent is one of them. A reverse die variety is also known as a “D Close AM” variety. This variety was accidentally struck by a reverse die from 1993. In some instances, the reverse die may have been purposefully struck on a 1992 circulation strike cent. However, Michael Yasis has submitted a coin to PCGS for authentication. The coin was confirmed to be a 1992-D Close AM variety and was assigned the grade of Genuine.

The doubling of the words ‘ONE CENT’ and ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM’ is most apparent on the reverse of the coin. However, a clean coin could sell for up to $200. A coin in excellent condition is worth at least $50, and a clean one could sell for almost double that. A good example of a 1992 d penny double die is an eBay auction that took place on July 30.

A coin in this condition is a rare find and can be used as a proof or circulation coin. Coin collector Colin Kusch discovered the coin while looking for a 1992 Close AM. The Close AM die was used for circulation coins while the Wide AM was meant for proof cents. A 1992-D coin with a Close AM reverse is the rarest type of 1993-D cent. This rare type of coin was deemed unlucky, as it was the last issue of the ‘D’ variety that was struck.

If you have a 1992-D Close AM type, it could fetch as much as $20700 in new condition. The value of a 1992-D Close AM double die coin can go as high as several hundred dollars depending on the condition of the coin. As more rare 1992-D penny varieties come to light, the value of a 1992-D Close AM could go down. However, the value of these coins may increase in the future if demand for them increases.

A rare 1992-D penny in uncirculated condition is worth pursuing. However, a 1992 d penny in circulated condition will likely cost you as much as its initial value. It is well worth the time and effort to seek out an uncirculated double-die 1992 penny. These coins are available on coin auction sites, trade deals, and online coin dealers. However, you may be better off searching for these rare coins in a pennies mystery box.

Another unusual variation is a 1992-D Lincoln Cent with a close AM reverse design. This type of 1992 Lincoln cent is difficult to spot even for coin collectors. This unique coin features close spacing between the letters AM and AMERICA. Only a handful of examples have been reported, but the 1992-D Close AM is a rare coin and stands out among the many other rare varieties in this sale. Its rareness makes it a great investment opportunity for those who love collecting Lincoln cents.

In 1993, a rare double-die 1992-D Lincoln cent was found in a museum’s collection. Its double-die design was the result of a mistake in the mint’s die. In this case, the coin was struck without a retaining collar, which keeps the coin round and also allows the coin to bear lettering and designs. Although the reverse of a double-die Lincoln cent contains a full-colored “D” mint mark, it is not technically an error. The double-die Lincoln cent has a different composition and looks like a Philadelphia penny without a “D” mint mark.

The reverse design of the 1992 Lincoln cent was reversed in 1993, despite the fact that it had the same letter spacing as a normal 1992 Lincoln cent. In the 1992 design, the letters “A” and “M” were separated from one another, which made them easy to recognize by eye. However, the reverse design of the 1993 D penny double-die reverse is not so easy to identify, and the Mint has no explanation for it.

While error coinage is an extensive subject, it is vital to read a reputable reference guide and educational website to ensure you get the correct interpretation of the rarest and most expensive ones. The Combined Organization of Numismatic Error Collectors of America is a good source to start. Another reputable source is the Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Die Varieties, by Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton, published by Whitman Publishing.

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