1994 P Quarter Errors

Many collectors are familiar with the common errors found on the ’94 p quarters, and have even sought out them to buy for personal collections. But what are the various kinds of errors? How do you spot them? Read on to learn more. Here are a few of the most common examples. In fact, you may have a 1994 p quarter lying around the house! Listed below are just a few examples.

The first type of error in the 1994 P quarter is its design. In a few cases, you can find a corresponding error on the D quarter or the S proof quarter, but if the two don’t match up, you may want to sell the ’94 P quarter. You can also choose a proof coin. The latter is more valuable as it has more detail and was minted on special planchets. Proof coins are minted by the US Mint for collectors and are not included in the ’94 p quarter.

In addition to these two errors on the P quarter, some of the ’94 p dollar were struck with two-headed coins. One of these coins was struck on a 90% silver planchet in 1964, but the two-tailed coin was likely struck during this period. This is the third example of a two-tailed quarter. Fred Weinberg bought it at a Long Beach coin convention. A third two-headed coin is also known, and likely struck during that time period.

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