2000 South Carolina Quarter

The 2000 South Carolina State Quarter is the eighth design in the State Quarter Program and is widely available in circulated grades. Coins in circulated grades are readily available up to MS63, but for coins in more advanced grades, you will need to search harder. The 2000 South Carolina State Quarter has a high scarcity in MS68 and MS69 grades, with only a few coins grading this high. A coin in such condition is generally worth $0.25 and can be spent, saved, or deposited into a bank.

The 2000 South Carolina State Quarter was released on May 22, 2000, commemorating the Statehood date of May 23, 1788. The design of the coin incorporates the state symbols of the Carolina Wren, the Yellow Jessamine flower, and the Palmetto Tree. It was approved by the United States Treasury Secretary after reviews by the Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee and the Fine Arts Commission. The design of the coin was a result of suggestions received from South Carolina’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism since 1998.

Another example is the 1999 Spitting Horse Delaware quarter. It features a raised line from the mouth of the horse toward the rim, and once sold for $500. Prices have decreased dramatically since its discovery, though. Fortunately, there are no major die crack errors on the 2000 South Carolina quarter, so they’re worth only a few dollars or cents. But if you do happen to find one, don’t let this deter you! A South Carolina quarter with a clipped edge will probably be worth $10 or more, while a coin without a clipped edge may be worth $10 to $25.

The design of the 2000 South Carolina quarter was inspired by a tree that grows in the state. Its thick leaves were useful for shielding British guns and absorbing bombs, and a fort built from a palmetto tree forced the British to retreat from Charleston Harbor. It also features three different symbols: the Carolina Wren, Yellows Jasmine, and the Palmetto. The 2000 South Carolina quarter is the first in the series, a variety of which is referred to as the P proof coin.

Another awesome error on the 2000 South Carolina quarter is a double die. The coin has a double design, but it wasn’t struck twice. A doubled die is caused by an accident, so it’s not possible to see it with the naked eye. Minor doubled dies are not likely to excite the numismatic community. However, if you’ve ever seen a coin with a double die, you’re probably already familiar with its occurrence.

Whether you’re looking for a 2000 South Carolina quarter for yourself or as a gift for a South Carolina lover, a South Carolina coin is a great choice. These coins are available in a variety of designs and can make wonderful cufflinks for your special someone. If you’re in the market for a coin, look no further than Cufflinks Depot. You’ll find many ways to customize a coin to suit any occasion.

Gold plated state quarters are a rarer, but not rarer, way to collect American history! The gold-plated 2000 South Carolina quarter sold for $216 on eBay as an example. Its value is extremely limited as the amount of gold needed to plate a quarter is insignificant. You can’t expect to find a gold-plated 2000 South Carolina quarter in the regular mintage. If you’re lucky, however, it will be worth a fortune in the collector’s community.

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