2007 D Penny

A 2007-D penny is not worth much. Although most of these coins are worth only their face value, some can fetch a premium when they are sold in uncirculated condition. Uncirculated 2007-D pennies are worth $0.30 or more, depending on the condition. If you want to invest in a 2007-D penny, it’s important to understand the grading system. Moreover, the grade of the coin will determine its value. The mint mark of the coin can be found on the obverse side below the date.

The letters AM of AMERICA are spaced widely apart in the proof style reverse. The designer’s initials are located near the base of the Memorial Building. The three lowest steps on the coin are surrounded by small rectangular posts. The same design is found on the 1999-S proof cent. Its design is different from that of the 2007-D penny. There are some slight differences between the two types. However, these variations are generally considered indistinguishable.

A typical 2007 D pennies can fetch you between $5 and $15, depending on their condition. The 2007 coin is very wavy, and contains a number of other key elements of a real coin. In addition, the Liberty is shaped like a lowercase “A,” while the number “8” appears like an uppercase letter. But, most of all, a 2007 penny is not worth much. You can still find it in some rare coin collections for collectors’ purposes.

The 1999 Wide AM pennies are even rarer. Those coins are the exact opposite of the 1992 Close AM, which had the letters pressed together on the “AMERICA”. On the reverse, the letters are wider and a doubling of the date is more evident. A clean example of a 2007 D penny may go for $100 or even more. When it comes to grading, a doubling of the date and letters on the obverse can fetch you anywhere from $20 to $100.

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