2013 Perry’s Victory ATB Quarter Error

The 2013S Perry’s Victory ATB Quarter Error from the U.S. Mint has now ended. The coin is in brilliant uncirculated condition and features an obverse doubling. The coin is from a roll of 500 that was hand-wrapped by the Mint. The error is hardly noticeable, but it’s worth looking for. A small gouge in the hair of the Master Commandant, Oliver Hazard Perry, may indicate an error.

This is not the only error on the new quarter. The United States Mint introduced numismatic rolls and bags of the 2013 Perry’s Victory Quarter in conjunction with its release into circulation. This coin also features the artwork on the reverse side of the piece. The obverse side features the International Peace Memorial in Ohio, and the corresponding mint mark on the reverse. If you have any problems with this 2013 Perry’s Victory Quarter, please contact the Mint immediately.

While a circulated copy of the 2013 Perry’s Victory quarter is only worth $0.25, uncirculated copies are more valuable. A MS63 graded 2013 Perry’s Victory quarter is worth $0.50, while a PR 66DC or PR 69DC quarter is worth up to $11.33. If you’re looking for a rare coin to add to your collection, a gold plated version of the 2013 National Park Quarter was recently released on late night television.

Another error on this coin occurred during production. The mint did not have enough gold to complete the coin’s design. The reverse design, however, was not correct. The design of the coin depicts Master Commandant Oliver Hazard Perry and the Peace Memorial. The Peace Memorial was built in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, in 1912.

The design of the obverse of the new 2013 Perry’s Victory quarter is a modified version of the original. The mint moved the wording from the reverse to the obverse to make room for the reverse designs. The obverse of the quarter shows the United States of America, the word “Liberty,” the quarter dollar, and a statue of Perry. The reverse design shows a statue of Liberty.

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