2015 Penny DDO Error Variety

The 2015 penny is a relatively low-value coin. In the United States, it is commonly available as pocket change, but the Denver Mint also produced small numbers for collectors. The obverse of the coin bears the “D” mintmark, and it is worth just one cent in circulated condition. The reverse of the coin features an image of Abraham Lincoln. Victor David Brenner designed the Lincoln cent in 1909. Its reverse paired a wheat ear design until 1959, when Frank Gasparro added the Lincoln Memorial motif.

The 2015 cent error variety was reported by John Wexler, and quickly spread to error-variety coin Facebook groups. While the obverse of the coin has the same error as the reverse, few people know about it. This is one of the many reasons it missed inclusion in the Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Die Varieties 6th Edition, Volume II. The obverse of the coin is also off-center, so collectors should be aware of that.

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