2020 Bat Quarter Errors

A 2020 bat quarter is a fantastic value, especially when compared to other US coins. It has a design that is very similar to the Philadelphia edition, featuring a mother bat and her pup. However, there are several errors associated with this coin. In March of this year, it was discovered that some of these coins were struck upside down.

The mint accidentally printed a coin with the wrong side facing. It is unknown how many coins are affected by the error, but people who encountered the coin noticed that it was upside-down. The mint has yet to announce how many coins were affected by the error or whether they will replace them with an accurate one.

The reverse design shows a Samoan fruit bat mother and her pup in a tree. The design evokes the mother’s incredible care for her offspring and promotes awareness about the species’ endangered status. Habitat loss and commercial hunting are two of the main causes of the Samoan fruit bat’s plight.

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