Apostle Islands Quarter – A Shining Example of the National Lakeshore

Wisconsin’s Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is featured on a new America the Beautiful Quarters Program coin. The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is part of the national lakeshore that is part of the Wisconsin’s Legendary Waters Resort. The quarter was the second in the series, following the first issue of the year featuring the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan. In addition to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, other locations featured on the coin include the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, the Great Smoky Mountains in Colorado, and the renowned Yellowstone Park in Arizona.

The Apostle Islands quarter will serve as a shining example of the national lakeshore, bringing awareness to the national treasure. The coins will be issued as part of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program, which celebrates America’s national parks and historic sites. The Apostle Islands quarter is scheduled to be circulating on April 9, making it the 42nd in the series of America the Beautiful Quarters. There will be a variety of designs available. The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore will feature a different image on the reverse of the coin, but it will remain the same in terms of design and content.

After a year of public comment, the U.S. Mint presented nine design candidates for the Apostle Islands quarter. The final design was selected after reviews by the Treasury Secretary, the Commission of Fine Arts, and the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. The obverse of all three coins features John Flanagan’s portrait of George Washington. In addition to the Apostle Islands, both obverse and reverse designs are also featured on the U.S. Mint’s America the Beautiful silver coins.

The Apostle Islands National Park Quarter Ring is made from 90% silver proof quarters. The design of this coin will not scratch or irritate the skin. The bands are 6 to 7 mm wide and the band is narrower in the larger sizes. A large number of coins in this series feature the Apostle Islands, and each of these commemorates a different national site. It is also worth considering the design of a coin in your collection.

The Apostle Islands Quarters are the 42nd release in the America the Beautiful Quarters series. They are made of clad composition and contain copper and nickel, which makes them more valuable. The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is comprised of 21 islands in Wisconsin. The coin is part of the America the Beautiful quarters program and is worth more than a dollar. If you are interested in purchasing this coin, be sure to check out its website.

The 2018 P Apostle Islands quarter is worth $0.25 in circulated condition. The Apostle Islands quarter in P, D, or S grades is worth $0.75. An MS 63 proof or 65 silver proof coin is worth nearly $2. The S proof Apostle Islands quarter costs over $15 in PR 66DC. And a 2018 S proof coin is worth nearly $60 in PR 69DC! If you are a collector, you might want to consider investing in a proof coin, as it has more detail than the other coins.

The 2018 P Wisconsin Apostle Islands National Park quarter features the sea caves of Devils Island and a kayaker paddling through them. It is the 42nd release in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program. The coin features a unique die chip and large interior die break. The die chip, which looks like a rolling stone, is not a common occurrence, but it is easily overlooked. Its design is reminiscent of a natural rock formation.

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