Best Agents on Lotus (Valorant 2023)

Valorant is an FPS game created and released by Riot Games (the same creators as League of Legends) in 2020. Since then, the game has snowballed into the entire gaming industry. From streamers to professional Esports, the game has certainly created a revolution of its own. Valorant currently has 9 playable maps, although 2 of them have been removed from the unrated and competitive pool for rework and polishing and will soon be returning the latest news update or leak from Riot has confirmed the return of Bind by the next act. Recently in around January, Valorant launched its newest map “Lotus” which has had mixed reactions from the players.

From a personal view, Lotus has been a great map so far. The map is based on traditional art forms and sculptures on the western ghats of India. Consisting of a perfect essence of the cultural representation alongside Riot’s touch has been a great addition to the game. The especially vast map is a 3-site map accompanying Haven breaking yet again from the typical 2 sited map such as the others. All in all, Valorant does know how to keep updating and changing the games to maintain the hype around the game.

With the brief introduction of the map, let’s now discuss agents that can be utilized on the map for your team to secure a win.


With the map being vast and filled with corners and angles that need to be checked and revised, a duelist on this map would require someone that would be able to blind enemies and move forward with the team rather than just enter the site with no team members by their side. While they clear angles, they would need their team to be right them t behind them and support them as they proceed to get as many enemies as they can.


Reyna is such a good and versatile agent for almost every map, but with the “not so recent” buff she had with her blind being rangeless, It gets very easy for her to push forward with her blinds with her team right behind her to cover from the other angles. Reyna is considered a selfish duelist, many people tend to forget that duelist need to get as many kill as possible so that the team leads a victorious win.

Hence, having Reyna get as many kill as possible will make the team push through to the site and let the team plant the spike as soon as possible can provide greater probabilities of winning the round.


Well, when it comes to initiators on this map, you may need a lot of utility and information to enter the site, thanks to the insane amounts of corners that need to be checked. While multiple initiators gather a lot of information, most of the utilities are very arbitrary except for Sova and Fade.


While they both are very very similar when it comes to getting information, Fade comes just a little ahead because of her prowler, as it can be easier to clear corners using seize, and the terror trail and prowlers can help her gain information, whereas Sova’s kit gains attention through recon dart and drone only.

Breach can also be great although he cannot grab as much information as Fade or Sova does, his kit can be used very efficiently to the team’s advantage to be able to get a smooth entry to the site. This does require a good amount of comms from teammates which doesn’t necessarily happen in lower elos.


The sites on Lotus are comparatively smaller than those of other maps and don’t necessarily require slicing the site in half, instead, controllers on Lotus need to be precisely blocked off from certain angles so that they can avoid enemies having a clear sight of our team and push them back or force them to fight on the site itself with multiple of your team.


Astra has been criminally underrated since the beginning, and the only justifiable reason why Astra has been so neglected is because of the complexity and amount of awareness and skill that Astra requires. Astra is a great controller and works as a part of initiating kind of controller, as in she helps the initiator with her kit to be able to effortlessly enter the site. More people need to realize that Astra is a great controller only if they practice the agent a little bit.


Lotus is a big map, as the sites are spread apart, sentinels on Lotus on the defending half need to have complete site control to be able to hold them till their team can rotate to the site to be able to defend the site. Sentinels need to lock down sites and prevent enemies from entering the site.


Killjoy has been a great sentinel since the beginning, even after her recent minute nerfs, she is still as good as she used to be. Killjoy’s kit still helps the team to block off enemies from entering the site and can easily hold off any site until the team arrives at the rescue.


Since Lotus is a huge map, 2 sentinels would be very much appreciated in the defensive half, although it can be switched out with another initiator, personally, Cypher can add much more value to the team by helping the team to avoid flank as well as hold off-site when it comes to defending without being restricted to the range issue that most sentinels face.

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While this team comp may be good enough, agents on such a huge map can be arbitrary and subjective according to one’s play style. Two controllers can be great as well as two duelists instead of the 2 sentinel comp that is being displayed here. And with that, we conclude our list of the best agents that can be played on the map. Let us know your thoughts and comments about the new map.