Better Artificial Intelligence: Alexa or Siri?

Artificial Intelligence has been an integral part of our daily life now. Not to mention that AI has been so smart over the years that we have been able to access the Internet of Things and been able to access switches and electronic devices through it. Speaking of accessing switches and electronic devices, how can we forget the home-friendly artificial intelligence speakers that serve the great purpose of entertainment as well as performing various tasks?

We have had AI pieces of equipment that are great and have been outstandingly good. Some of the best equipment that are available on the market right now are Alexa and Siri. In this article, we would be discussing the various advantages each of them has to offer and which one is better than the two.


Alexa is the AI assistant service that is offered by Amazon and is enabled on Amazon Echo. It is a cloud-based voice service that is made available to more than 100 million devices worldwide including laptops, desktop computers as well as phones including the Amazon App. It also has a speaker-like AI that responds to the words “Alexa!” and you can ask the assistant a question that you would need the answer for and that would be answered.

Some of the advantages that Alexa can offer are

  • You can make calls by basically calling Alexa and asking her to call the specific person you wish to call. Not just calls but Alexa can also adjust volume or ask you if there are multiple contacts saved under the same name. Alexa can also help you save contacts as well as practically have your entire contact list downloaded in the device.
  • Playing music is one of the main functions for which Alexa has been used on a regular basis. You can play music from Amazon Prime’s varied playlist with multiple genres, categories, and artists as well as create your own personalised playlist on various music streaming apps such as YouTube Music and even Spotify and have that played.
  • Informational questions regarding anything can be asked to Alexa such as the weather conditions or even traffic related questions in your area and Alexa would search the net and provide you answers instantaneously. This can be useful especially when you’re heading out somewhere and you would be knowing as to what to look out for.
  • Every AI device is basically connected to the Internet of Things and Alexa is no exception. Alexa can control your home devices such a lights, fans, and other appliances that are attached to smart switches. This is very convenient as you can access switchboard with just your voice from any part of the room.
  • Alexa can also play trivial games with you and can give you company when needed. It can also have a full conversation (obviously not very similar to a human) and even tell you jokes.
  • If you have multiple devices with Alexa enabled on it, every device is practically connected to each other and can be used to notify or announce something in various rooms. In short working as a home intercom.

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Similar to Alexa, Siri is the artificial intelligence service that is provided by Apple and is enabled on every Apple device. Apple also has its very own AI based service device called the Siri HomePod. However, Apple did discontinue it’s HomePod to focus on the HomePod Mini that is still continued and is essentially the cheaper and smaller version of the HomePod as it was extensively more in demand than the full-figured device.

Essentially just like Alexa, Siri also pretty much supplies the same amount of features with just a few differences, most of the tasks that are listed for Alexa can be countered with Siri just as well.

Difference between them? And which is better?

Essentially there are close to no differences when it comes to service aspect of both the devices. The only key and notable differences between the both devices is in the ecosystem of the devices and the compatibility between the devices. HomePod is an Apple device and in typical Apple fashion, Apple has made sure for the HomePod to be compatible with only Apple services whereas Alexa can pretty much connect to any service regardless of the base service brand. That being said Alexa is better when in terms of service and wide range of connectivity whereas Apple’s ecosystem is still undefeatable with the amount of accessibility and ease it provides.

Hence, Alexa is generally preferred by most users as not everyone has access to Apple services.