Business trips in the UK – Which provider has the best accessibility?

The United Kingdom is among the top business destinations in the world. In 2021, the UK was named the fifth best region for non-leisure travel globally by the Travel and Tourism Development Index. On the other hand, up to 11.9 million people are living with disabilities in the UK. That said, the demand for accessible business travel has increased, and the government is going above and beyond to make the United Kingdom one of Europe’s most accessible travel destinations. Even better, most train companies in the UK are constantly innovating and improving accessibility to provide an all-inclusive, smooth, end-to-end experience. Some of the train providers in the UK with the most incredible accessibility include:

Avanti West Coast Trains

Wheelchair assistance is provided for travelers with reduced mobility, disabled, injured, and the elderly who need help to board and get off the train. Besides, service and guide dogs are allowed on the train at no additional costs to ensure a smooth, comfortable, and enjoyable travel. Additionally, the train provider’s website was the first to get the Shaw Trust Web Accreditation, having been tested successfully by people with various disabilities and proven highly accessible.


The Eurostar assist team is ready to assist people with disabilities at either end of the journey. However, we recommend that you make your bookings in advance. Travelers who cannot walk past 200m without help must travel on their wheelchairs or scooters. They are booked in wheelchairs or spaces close to accessible washrooms. Ramps are also provided to help you get on or off the train. Help is also provided for blind or visually impaired travelers, the elderly, and travelers with learning disabilities or mental health conditions.

Arrival Train Wales

Arriva Train Wales is committed to providing all-inclusive travel services to all its clients. People with reduced mobility, the elderly, sick, or the injured using wheelchairs or mobility scooters are assisted at both ends of the journey. Guide and service dogs are also allowed onboard at no extra charge.

East Midlands Trains

Travelers with disabilities or reduced mobility are assisted to guarantee a safe and exciting journey. The staff will help you get on and off the train, choose and reserve a wheelchair-accessible and perfect storage space for your wheelchair. However, the wheelchair should not be more than 700mm wide, 1200mm long and 300kg in weight with the passenger included.

Train Companies Offering Train Routes All Over The UK

East Midland Trains

This operator provides two train types: long-distance and regional trains. The long-distance trains link London St Pancras train station with numerous destinations across the UK. On the other hand, the regional trains connect towns and cities across East Midlands, Northern and Central England. Generally, the trains operate between London and Derby, Sheffield, Leeds, York, and Nottingham.

Cross Country Trains

This train provider calls at over 100 train stations from Aberdeen to Penzance and covers approximately 1400 miles daily. It is hailed as one o the most extensive railway network in the United Kingdom.

How to Spot a Good Train Offer

There are various ways to spot a good travel offer and save much on your travel costs. For instance, booking in advance (up to 3 months in advance) is one of the best ways of landing low-cost tickets. You only need to be sure of your travel date and make early reservations. You might also want to consider traveling off-peak when plenty of cheap tickets are available. Finally, check out any relevant group cards or rail cards that have made even the most costly train tickets significantly cheaper.

Booking the Easy Way With Omio

Sometimes, purchasing business trip tickets to a foreign country can be quite stressful. Fortunately, Omio is an online booking site that helps you buy your train, flight, and bus tickets in one place. The site combines valuable travel information from numerous companies and websites, making it possible for you to log into one all-inclusive app or website, review all your route options and book your ticket to the next travel destination.

The United Kingdom boasts large industrial cities, plenty of beautiful and business-friendly places to explore, and incredible hospitality. Omio will help you travel from London to Scotland and the North of England. Even better, most of the train providers in the UK offer reliable help to travelers with disability ad reduced mobility for a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

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