Pros and Cons of Creating a Video Ad for Beauty Products

Video ads are getting more attention.  However, not all brands are convinced that it is the best way to market. Some companies are thriving by using video ads but some are still convinced that the consumers prefer the traditional marketing ways. A video maker online like assists you to create eye-catching videos in less time. You get to create captivating video ads that build your brand hence creating engagement and attracting new clients. Your video ad gets the attention needed and in turn, it converts to sales.

So, let’s look at the pros and cons of using video ads for beauty products. If you are among the people who prefer the traditional advertising ways, this list will help you make a decision on whether using video ads is worth it.


Less Costly

The traditional medium is more expensive than using online video ads. The reason is, with online video ads, there is no extra budget needed be it for talent, scripts, and the team producing the video. This means with online video ads, you get to save the extra money that you would have used with traditional advertising methods.

With the evolving of new technologies such as a video maker online software, producing online videos has become cheaper and even faster. You can post your video ads on any social media platform. All you have to do is just create a video ad that is captivating and one that your target audience will relate to.

Real-time Information

You can tell if a marketing campaign is successful by looking at its feedback and the sales it makes. With an online video ad, you can see the number of people viewing your ad, where they are viewing from and the time they took to view it.

After the viewers watch your brand’s online video ad, you get instant reviews on things that they like and dislike about your beauty products advertisement. By their honest feedback, you get to add and omit certain things in your future video ads. Editing your videos with a video maker online is cheaper and faster and you will get to include things that excite your audience.

Unlimited Formats

There are many formats of video ads. This includes skippable ads,non-skippable ads, bumper ads,out-stream ads,in-feed ads, and masthead ads. You can create your ad in any format. These formats are less costly which means you can try using any of them so as to see which is the best one for your brand’s marketing

More brand exposure

Creating a Video Ad

Online video ads can appear on any social media platform. All that you need for viewership is an internet connection. Video ads reach more people than other forms of advertisement. That’s because once a viewer has watched your ad they easily save and share them with friends. Video ads are easily shareable.

Therefore, you get more brand exposure and in return get more sales.

Worldwide Audience

Using online video ads means your brand reaches many people globally. Hence, you get international clients. Your video is not for only local views.

Almost everyone is a consumer of beauty products. Therefore, if you create a good quality online video ad aided by a video maker online, your content goes viral hence you get more customers.


Skippable Ads

Most ads have the skip ad button. It’s annoying when you have to sit through a non-skippable ad for even 5 seconds. Most people skip ads and end up not watching them. By that, your products will not get any exposure.

The only choice you have for your brand to get exposure is to have people who will share your content so as the word spreads.

The time you Post your Ads

Creating a Video Ad

The time you post your ad matters a lot. You just can’t post your ads anytime you feel like it. What time is your target audience likely to be online? You cannot post an ad during normal working hours and expect someone with a professional job to view it.

The social media platform you post your ad plays a big role in your brand’s growth. You should know the platform that has many of your potential product consumers. Some social media platforms like Facebook have the scheduling post option thus you can schedule a desired time when your audience will be online.

Inappropriate Placing

Your content can appear on a site that you do not want it to appear. It can be a challenge to control where it appears. Unluckily, there is no way to stop that from happening.

Less Data Available

It’s complicated to calculate the exact reach of your ad. Failure to show that your ad is reaching many people and how it’s impacting people positively becomes hard to give justification for money spent. Use the right metrics to collect information and in making decisions.

Final Thoughts

Video ads have both pros and cons. But even with the cons, it’s still undefeated compared to traditional advertising methods. So, if you have not yet adapted to video ads make sure you do so because its pros outweigh its cons and you are missing out on its benefits. You may think that it is time-consuming and expensive to create video ads but it’s actually not. With the invention of a video maker online it’s easier to create videos just in minutes at the same time creating engaging content.

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