Does Active 2 Track Sleep?

Many wearables claim to track sleep stages, but the data is not scientifically accurate. Sleep-tracking in laboratories involves recording electrical activity in the brain, breathing patterns, and body position. Wearables don’t measure these factors as accurately, but they are advanced enough to provide data that a layperson can understand. And this is important because people who suffer from anxiety or insomnia often find this data troubling. So, does Active 2 track sleep?

While the Samsung Galaxy Watch is capable of measuring sleep, the accuracy of these readings drops considerably if the user has sleeping problems or sleep disorders. If the heart rate isn’t properly detected, the watch can’t determine which phase of sleep you’re in. If you don’t sleep deeply, the watch won’t track light or deep sleep. So, if your phone’s sleep-tracking feature isn’t enough, you’ll want to look for another product that does the job.

While many wearables don’t track sleep, the latest versions are incorporating wrist movement sensors to provide more accurate readings. These wrist movements and heart rate readings work together to provide more accurate sleep tracking. This phase is called the awake sleep betwixt state, which can last anywhere from five to ten minutes. During this time, your body temperature decreases and your heart rate slows. Typically, this phase lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, but in poorer sleep, it can extend to an hour.

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