Elden Ring Enemy and Location Guides

In the Elden Ring, there are several enemies and locations that you can use to help you defeat them. Each one has a different role in the game, so it is important to know who they are and how to best utilize them. Let’s look at some of them, such as the Torrent, Onyx Lord, Godskin Noble, and Mounted Knight.


A key characteristic of Torrent is its double-jumping ability. This can help you reach areas where other characters can’t go. Moreover, it allows you to jump over attacks. You can also change direction while double-jumping. On the downside, Torrent can only hold one weapon at a time, so you can’t double-hand your weapon while on horseback.

The Torrent mount is useful when you need to traverse the big landscape of the Elden Ring. You can sprint by pressing the roll button while riding it, and it also has the Double-Jump feature, which helps you to jump over obstacles. The mount can also be used in Mounted Combat, which can be very useful against some enemies. It also helps to avoid certain disadvantages that come with other forms of combat.

This mount can be found in Caelid, a region east of Limgrave. Using this mount, you must make your way through Caelid to the Sellia Gateway. While riding, keep on the high road and avoid sheep and hostile sorcerers. Once you reach the gate, you must slay the Knight that’s guarding it and collect his Eternal Darkness.

The Torrent’s location and enemies are similar to those of the Elder Ring Tower of Return. The Torrent travels up a path. You must be careful though, as there are many passive jellyfish. Aside from the passive jellyfish, you must also be careful around the graveyard.

Torrent is one of the most important elements of the game. It is essential for outmaneuvering the Tree Sentinel. It is large and can be defeated with a gallop attack or a weapon strike.

Onyx Lord

Onyx Lord is a boss that drops in Leyndell Royal Capital. It is a large humanoid enemy that casts gravity spells. He is a strong melee and stagger enemy, but can also be killed with long-ranged attacks and spells.

The first phase of this boss is similar to that of other knight bosses. You’ll want to be careful with his AoEs and broad sword strikes, because he will do a lot of damage in the first phase. It’s also a good idea to use some delayed attacks to counter his attacks.

While the game features a wide variety of weapons and armor, you’ll want to focus on the ones you’ll be using most often. Some of them will be dropped by enemies, while others can be purchased from merchants. Your character’s class will determine what weapons and armor you’ll start with, so choose carefully.

The Onyx Lord is a powerful enemy of the Elden Ring. The player needs to defeat him in order to return to the Tower of Return. To defeat him, you’ll need to collect several items that can help you defeat him. First, you’ll need to gather the great stars and hammer. You’ll also need a few other items.

Godskin Noble

The Godskin Noble is one of the recurring enemies in Elden Ring. The first time you see this boss, he can be found in the Legacy Dungeon Volcano Manor on the west side of the Atlas Plateau. Defeating him gives you an armor set, a weapon and a talisman. The Godskin Noble makes numerous appearances in the game, including a duo fight in Crumbling Farum Azula. Here are some tips for fighting Godskin Noble.

First, you should find the Carian Inverted Statue, which unlocks the Divine Tower of Liurnia. This will cause the area to change, and will lead you to a new boss, the Godskin Noble. Once you reach this boss, you can begin to invade the area.

The Elden Ring also has an endgame, where you must set the Erdtree ablaze. This will set in motion an irreversible chain of events. You’ll also have to battle optional demi-god bosses, the Mohg Lord of Blood and Malenia Blade of Miquella. Ultimately, you will need to defeat all the enemies in order to return to the Consecreated Snowfields.

Once you’ve climbed up the tower, you’ll find a chest near the ballista. However, you’ll have to be careful and avoid the enemies. The chest is trapped, so make sure to take caution! The chest contains an item that will teleport you back to Leyndell.

Mounted knight

Mounted knights are an extremely useful asset when trying to beat a level-one boss in Elden Ring: The Tower of Return. This region, which is located in the northwest section of the game, is a particularly dangerous place. It has only a few routes, and is home to some of the game’s toughest enemies. The area also contains Rykard, Lord of Volcano Manor, one of the most challenging boss showdowns in the game. Additionally, the area contains Ghiza’s Wheel weapon, which can be used to destroy enemies.

There are also bosses throughout Elden Ring, and you can find them all over the place, from caves to castles. The sheer variety of these bosses can be overwhelming, so it is important to plan ahead for each one. Thankfully, with the right strategy, you can defeat any boss you face.

Mounted knights are tough to kill, but you can survive their attacks by rolling as their shields dip. You can also avoid their AoE attacks by dealing damage on your shield side instead of using your hammer. If you can, use your shield for damage and avoid being swarmed by lightning.

Leveling up is essential when taking on tough enemies in Elden Ring. However, this doesn’t mean you should spend endless hours grinding. Instead, spend your time exploring and leveling up your character’s abilities and weapons. You can do this by taking part in quests and completing other characters’ stories.

Mounted knights can use a variety of skills to help them win battles. The Sacred Order lets you use holy essence on your weapon to make it stronger. It also grants you temporary invincibility. If you want to use a melee weapon, Sacred Blade is an excellent choice. It grants you near-invisibility and silences footsteps.


The Ballista is a powerful ranged weapon in the Elden Ring that inflicts physical damage to enemies. However, this weapon is slow to reload. However, it can be effective in pushing enemies back and breaking their stance. This weapon drops from the Demi-Human Queen Margot. The Ballista can be found in the Volcano Cave north of Mt. Gelmir.

To activate the Ballista, you must first obtain a smithing stone. The Smithing Stone can be found between two ballistae. The Ballista can shoot explosive bolts at enemies. Be sure to keep an eye out for enemies and soldiers who may wander into the range.

A Ballista is a long-ranged weapon and synergizes well with many weapons in the Ashes of War game mode. There are several different weapon types in the Elden Ring, including scorching Torches, powerful Flails, and magical chanting Sacred Seals. Among these weapons, the Ballista has the greatest potential to destroy enemy shields.

The Tower of Return is located near the Statue of Marika, and is heavily guarded by Godrick Soldiers and Wandering Nobles. The Tower is accessible by horseback or foot, and a Teleporter Chest can be found within it. From here, you can travel to Leyndell, the Royal Capital. Once you have gotten there, you can then move on to the endgame area.

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