Error Occurred During Initialization of VM

This article discusses the causes and solutions of the error, “Error occurred during initialization of VM.” Generally, this error occurs when the java virtual machine fails to obtain enough contiguous memory from the operating system. Nonetheless, it can occur for many reasons. Listed below are the most common ones. If you encounter this error, try these simple solutions. First, make sure that the operating system allows the Java virtual machine to access memory from other processes.

java virtual machine cannot reserve enough contiguous memory from the operating system

This error can occur when the Java process is unable to allocate enough contiguous memory from the operating system. It is possible to fix this problem by changing the size of the memory that the JVM needs to operate properly. The size of the contiguous memory that the JVM needs is referred to as the heap. The -Xms and -Xmx flags control the heap size. Choosing the right heap size for your application is vital, as small heap sizes will affect performance.

If the Java virtual machine is not able to allocate enough contiguous memory from the operating system, the first thing you need to do is to check how much virtual memory is used. If it is less than 2GB, you should try to use more swap space. If you still experience this issue, try to increase the swap space. Using more swap space should solve the problem. Otherwise, try to fix it in other ways.

The Java virtual machine may not be able to allocate enough contiguous memory to support the native method stack. The native method stack can be either fixed or dynamic, and the size can be chosen independently of the method stack size. Some implementations allow you to control the initial size of a native method stack, as well as the maximum and minimum sizes. However, you should keep in mind that some computations in a thread may require a much larger native method stack than the operating system allows. If this happens, the Java virtual machine will throw a StackOverflowError.

Another reason for this error is the size of the heap. A 32 bit architecture will only allocate 4GB of heap space, while 64-bit platforms can use as much as 264 GB of heap space. This is also the maximum size of a 64-bit JVM. If you are unsure of the size of your heap, you can always use the 64-bit JVM.

If this error occurs when a Java method uses the void method, it is possible that the Java virtual machine cannot reserve enough contiguous space from the operating system. A void method is used in such cases. The void method is the default way to handle this issue. However, the void method is a good way to ensure that you have enough memory for your Java application.

The n parameter does not have to be even. Values of the type long and double do not need 64-bit alignment. The values of double and long are reserved in two local variables. The n parameter specifies the number of bytes. Integer values are also supported. If you want to use boolean values, you can define them using the boolean type.

causes of error during initialization of vm

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of the most common causes of error during virtual machine initialization. The underlying issue is that there is insufficient memory. In most cases, this problem is caused by bad memory, but sometimes it can also be caused by a software component, such as VMware or Maximo. The application will be unable to start because the JVM cannot allocate enough memory.

First, you should ensure that your computer has enough RAM. Normally, a Java application will run with 512 or 1024 Mb of RAM. Moreover, you should make sure that you have admin rights on your PC. If you don’t have admin privileges, you will be unable to run the Java application properly. You can fix this issue by setting the application to run as the system administrator.


You may be experiencing an error during the initialization of the virtual machine. This error can occur when the Java virtual machine cannot initialize. You can try reinstalling the Java virtual machine or running a repair installation. In either case, the solution is to use the latest version of Java. If this doesn’t work, check your RAM and try a different version. It is likely that the error occurred due to low RAM.

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