Factor 26r3s 52r5 39r2s4 – What is the Resulting Expression?

factor 26r3s 52r5 39r2s4 what is the resulting expression

Which of the following options is correct? The correct option is Option B. What is the explanation for this answer? Here is an example:

Option is correct option

Is Factor 26r3s equal to 52r5? The answer is yes. It is also equal to 39r2s4 (divided by five). However, you can get the answer by searching it on Google. If you are having problems with a mathematical equation, you can use the search bar to find the answer. A pizza is cut into six unequal slices, the largest of which is ninety degrees. The area of a rectangle is sixteen units.

Result of factor 26r3s 52r5 39r2s4

The factor 26r3s is equal to the product of two factors: 49r2s4 and 52r5. In this equation, the smallest divisor is the greatest common factor. We use this rule to calculate the factor of two numbers. In this example, 39r2s4 and 52r5 are factors. Therefore, the factor 26r3s is equal to 39r2s4.

Explanation of resulting expression

The greatest common factor is the largest number that divides two numbers. The smallest divisor of the function is called the factors. Thus, the resulting expression of factor 26r3s 52r5 39r2s4 is also known as factor 26r3s. This definition shows that the greatest common factor of a number is equal to the product of its two factors.

The mystery term in this example is 4×2. The other factors are 26r3s, 52r5 and 39r2s4 as the result of factoring. The variable 80b4 is common to all terms, while the variable c is not. Hence, the resulting expression of factor 26r3s = 52r5 + 39r2s4 is the same as the given polynomial, and is a product of a multiplicative polynomial and its distributive property.

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