Gaming As a Service

Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, a PC or a gaming console, a laptop or a mobile device, the gaming world is quickly becoming a unified ecosystem. With the introduction of the ubiquity of internet connectivity and cloud computing, a new class of devices and applications is emerging, offering users the ability to play their favorite games from any location at any time.

Segmenting the user database for gaming

Whether you are a new player to gaming as a service or have already developed your own game, it’s important to have an understanding of user segmentation. Segmentation is a powerful way to improve your marketing strategy and deliver relevant content to your users. Using a variety of different metrics, you can create personalized push notifications, price in-game features and customize the player experience.

Segmentation can be based on a range of different inputs, such as engagement behaviors, monetization performance or the game’s lifecycle. Having an accurate segmentation strategy can prevent you from selling to the wrong audience and wasting valuable resources.

Segmentation is also the most effective way to deliver content. For example, segmenting the user database for gaming as a service can help you target specific users, such as those who leave reviews or those who play casually in their spare time.

Consolidating computing activity in the cloud

Using a slew of cloud technologies, businesses can leverage the latest and greatest hardware in their favor. This is especially true for time-sensitive industries. While most businesses are still at the early stage of their cloud journeys, they are starting to see the benefits of consolidating their computing activities in the cloud. In fact, Gartner recently predicted that by next year, more than half of all companies will have moved at least some of their applications to the cloud. This is a hefty leap from just a few years ago, and it is a good reason to give it a go.

The best part of the whole exercise is that it allows businesses to use the services of many vendors rather than just one. This is not only the best way to maximize efficiency, it also allows them to test out new ideas and solutions without a significant investment in resources.

Increasing ARPU by marketing additional revenue-generating products

Increasing ARPU is one of the most effective ways to gain new customers. It is also a powerful metric for sales pricing. It can be used to discover new ways to generate revenue, to improve inventory, and to optimize your business model. Ultimately, ARPU is essential for business health.

ARPU is calculated by multiplying the amount of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) by the number of paying customers. You must exclude the number of free customers from this calculation. The more paying customers, the higher the average revenue per unit. You can increase your ARPU by offering multiple subscription tiers and targeting high-paying customers.

If you want to increase your ARPU, you should work on delivering a quality product. Providing a quality product will ensure that your customers are happy with your service and will stay with you for the long run.

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