How to Beat Commander Niall in World of Warcraft

The first tip for beating Niall is to avoid using his wide-ranged attacks. He uses a powerful, spinning AOE frost attack that deals massive AOE damage to his enemies. To avoid this attack, run away from him and use heavy attacks. Bleeding weapons are also a good option to cut off his HP.

Mimic Tear Ash

The Mimic Tear Ash is one of the best Ash Summon Spirits available in the Elden Ring. It has high defense and damage, and comes with Crimson Flasks, which make it ideal for boss fights. Its unique ability to make an exact replica of the player’s character and attack from two different angles makes it one of the most powerful options available. However, it is important to know when to use it, as the skill is a powerful tool that should not be underestimated.

First, you should equip Mimic Tear Ash on your Spirit Ash. This will empower your spirit and give you a large amount of staggers. Second, you should equip your Spirit Ash with Mimic Tear Ash to ensure that it’s as effective as possible against Niall. Using the Mimic Tear Ash will help you avoid Niall’s summoned spectral Banished Knights.

After you’ve obtained the Mimic Tear Ash, it’s time to fight the boss. Once you defeat Mimic Tear Ash, you’ll get Mojo Legend Ashes. Using Mimic Tear Ash will not only bring you a massive buff in combat, but also attract the attention of your enemies. You can find the boss in the Ancestral Woods, site of grace. Once you defeat the boss, you’ll find a chest in the area.

Your best bet in beating Niall is to use a summoned Mimic Tear Ash. Its high health and ability to pull aggression will help you survive the fight. Also, if you’re lucky, you can try to use a Skeletal Militiaman to pull aggression. This will help you deal with Niall’s area of effect ice attacks. In addition, Thawfrost Boluses and bleed damage are incredibly useful against him. Lastly, removing his guards will make him a bit more manageable. As long as you keep a distance, you can nuke him.

Bewitching Branch

The Bewitching Branch is a magical weapon that can be used against enemies in the game. It can be purchased from the Nomadic Merchant for 3,200 Runes. It can be used on summoned enemies and can deal a lot of damage. It can also be used to turn Niall’s aides against him.

When fighting Niall, you should always use ranged attacks, as he is not immune to them. While using ranged attacks, make sure you avoid his lightning kick and roll. This can help to lower his health. You can also use ranged attacks to hurt Niall’s henchmen.

One of the best ways to deal with Niall is to attack him before he summons his aides. His attacks have large areas of effect and fast animations. The first phase of the battle is particularly tough and you need to be sure that you dodge his attacks. Once you kill the aides, Niall will attack you more aggressively.

The Bewitching Branch can be made by combining two items in the game. The two ingredients are Sacramental Buds and Miquella’s Lilies. These two items are found in the Church of the Plague, Altus Plateau, and Sellia. If you do not have them, you can purchase them from Gideon.

Charged Frostwhirl Lunge

Niall’s attacks are quite brutal, with large areas of effect and quick animations. However, they are also easy to predict, so you can dodge them whenever possible. The best way to deal with him in his first phase is by dealing with his two Spectral Knights. While his dual-wielding knight is much tougher to deal with, his other attacks are fairly predictable as well.

When the icy winds start to build up around Niall, he will perform a powerful upward strike with his flagpole. The frost from this strike causes a frost ring around him. Dodge through the first hit if possible, but if you notice the wind surrounding the weapon, get away and use other attacks.

Once the first phase is over, Niall will perform his second phase. This phase starts when you have depleted half of his HP, and you should have killed both of his minions. During the second phase, you should try to keep one guard alive, as the other will die automatically.

This boss is located in the far northwest of The Lands Between, in the Mountaintops of the Giants. It is important to defeat him so that you can access the side area called Haligtree. When you defeat him, you will gain access to the Haligtree area, which unlocks Mohg, Lord of Blood.

Avoiding Niall’s wide-ranging attacks

Avoiding Niall’s wide-ranging attack pattern is an important part of beating Niall. He has no major weaknesses, but some weapons are more susceptible to his attacks than others. For instance, some weapons are more vulnerable to Niall’s crimson rot, poison, and bleeding. Furthermore, Niall does not have resistance to status effects. Moreover, Niall’s Stage 2 is quite different from Stage 1, as he gains a big buff and a new move set.

The best way to avoid Niall’s wide-ranging attacks is to keep your distance. His foot can deal lightning damage and cause frost damage. You should try to avoid these attacks by running safely. Also, be aware of the effects of frostbite, which Niall can inflict on you when you’re near his base.

Niall’s wide-ranging attacks are the most dangerous part of his game. You should avoid charging him because his whirlwinds will take him down and leave him wide open. In addition, you should avoid any attacks from his summoned aides, as these will make him more vulnerable to your attacks.

Niall is tough to defeat, especially since he summons knights to help him in battle. You should be able to parry and dodge his attacks, but you must avoid his wide-ranging attacks if you want to win the game. It is important to use the right type of weapon for the situation, or else you may end up getting killed by Niall’s wide-ranging attack patterns.

Using summons to deal damage

While playing commander Niall, you need to know how to use summons to deal damage to him. You should be able to take care of the soldiers first, then focus on the boss. The reason why you should do this is because Commander Niall is quite passive, and will only give you halberd blows and reinforce knights with his orders. This makes him an easy target.

While using summons to deal damage to the commander, you need to keep an eye out for his attack. His attacks are more aggressive than the ones you can do yourself, and he will take more hits to bring down. He also has an arena that is extremely cramped, and his attacks will follow you around the map. This can be frustrating, but you can still beat the commander if you are patient and know how to position yourself.

When fighting commander Niall, you can use your summons to deal damage to him and to heal yourself. If you can perform a jump attack, try to avoid the thunder stomp. This will send Niall flying high in the air and let you land a second hit.

When fighting Niall, you should aim to take him down to 50% health. The wide-ranging attacks of Niall’s bodyguards are telegraphed well, but be careful. They are prone to being caught off guard and do a lot of damage. It can be tough to dodge their attacks because their attack speed is really fast.

Using summons to deal damage to commander Niall will give you a better chance of killing him. Niall has an ability to summon ice storms, which will inflict a Frostbite Status effect. This will make you take more damage than normal and your stamina will recover at a slower rate. Therefore, you should learn how to deal with this.

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