How to Clear the Water Veins After Genshin Impact

In the game, the water veins are blocked. You need to clear a vine barrier in order to continue the water flow. To clear the vine barrier, use your harp to destroy the rock next to the harp. Once you have removed the rock, you can use your harp to reach the top of the mountain.

Xinyan’s domain

The objective of this quest is to collect Glacial Spring Water and clear water veins on Broken Isle. Players must leave Xinyan’s domain and follow the water trail. During the way, traps will appear and players must destroy them.

This quest is available on PS4, PC, and mobile, and will soon come to the Switch. Genshin Impact is now available on PC, PS4, and PS5. It will be available on Switch sometime soon. There are currently three parts to this quest: the main quest, which focuses on Xinyan’s lore, the main quest, and the Blazin’ Trails mini-quest.

The quest requires you to use a melee weapon against various enemies. In this case, a physical or Geo team comp will be more effective than any other. You’ll also be able to use your Claymore character against enemies without using the domain’s mechanics.

After destroying the roots that blocked the way, perform the Melodic Harp to create a wind current and free the water vein. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be transported back to the Broken Isle after completing the cutscene. If you wish, you can also use a teleport waypoint to get to Xinyan’s domain faster.

Xinyan’s domain to be cleared of water veins will require more work. You’ll have to travel to more springs and mountains to complete this quest. It will also require you to do a little bit of climbing. The goal of this quest is to get to Xinyan’s house. This is an important quest for Xinyan because it will help her to clear water veins on the Golden Apple Archipelago.

The northwest water vein is marked below. Breaking the first water vein will create a wind current, and you can then break the second vein by flying up. Finally, the eastern water vein starts at the bottom and ends at the top. In order to clear this water vein, you’ll need to solve the puzzle using blue tiles.

The third Blazin Trail is a quest that is important to complete. After clearing the first two, you’ll need to destroy the third rock in the third Blazin Trail to clear the water veins and collect Glacial Spring Water. After this, you’ll need to teleport back to the southeast and northern teleport waypoints on the Broken Isle to complete the quest.

Blazin’ Trails quest line

To complete the third quest line in the Blazin’ Trails game, players must clear the water veins on an island. This quest line is part of the Summertime Odyssey Event. The water veins are located on the largest island of Broken Isle. To clear them, players must use Elemental Sight to determine the path. Once they have found the path, they need to hit it with two notes in a single instance.

First, players must destroy the rock blocking the path. To do this, they must leave the cave and climb up the mountain to find the blockage. The water vein leads up to this blockage and goes through a chest. This quest line is not integral to the Blazin’ Trails quest line, but it is an optional part of the game. Once players complete the quest line, they need to play the Melodic Harp.

The next quest requires players to clear the water veins in the northern part of the Broken Isle. Then, they must complete the puzzles using the Melodic Harp. Fortunately, there’s a Hyperlinked guide for the next four puzzles.

The first three water veins are located near the summit. Clearing these requires an Anemo character. It’s also helpful to equip a Melodic Harp in the game, which will help you remove the music phrase lock on the vines. After clearing the first three, the fourth and final water vein will be found. The final water vein will lead you to the Blue Musical Platform on the Broken Isle.

The fourth quest in the Blazin’ Trails quest line involves clearing the water veins in Broken Isle. This is the hardest part of the quest line. However, it’s worth the effort because it rewards the player with great rewards. The quest line will require a large amount of patience and a lot of acrobatic skills.

The next three water veins are located in the western part of the game. You must remove the root that’s blocking the stream. Once the root is removed, you can then adjust the Melodic Blooms and the Melodic Harp to open the way. After you’ve completed the quest, you’ll receive Glacial Spring Water in your Blazing Heart.

The first vein you need to clear is near the camp of the Hilichurls. After defeating these creatures, you need to interact with the blooms near the harp and activate it. Then, you must follow the vein through several rock structures. Once you’ve cleared the first vein, you can proceed to the second vein.

Second water vein

If you are confused about how to clear the second water vein after Genshin impact, you’re not alone. This new mechanic has had a significant impact on the game and players want to learn more about it. Luckily, we have compiled some tips and tricks for you.

The first step is to break a rock. If you’re having trouble doing this, you can use a windmill. This will cause a wind current that will propel you up the mountain. Next, break a rock to clear the first water vein. Repeat this process for the second water vein.

After clearing the first vein, the next step is to activate the harp. Once the harp is activated, two lights will reach the branch. After this, you can destroy a rock on top of the mountain to fill the pool. Once you’ve done this, teleport to the Teleport Waypoint near the drum. Once you’ve completed this quest, you can move on to the second vein.

The second water vein is a bit more challenging than the first, but it’s not impossible. Once you get to the second one, you’ll need to use musical skills. This quest can be incredibly difficult, but it’s worth it if you’re a rock star!

The third vein is located on the eastern part of Broken Isle. To get to it, you need to adjust the orientation of the two gramophones. The first one is on the left of the harp, while the other is closest to the barrier. Then, climb stairs and fight Hilichurls.

The second vein is the western one, and it starts in a cave. This is the easiest vein to clear, but it can be challenging if you’re a beginner. You can use a guitar to break it, but you can also use allegro blossoms.

After defeating the boss, you can use the Melodic Bloom to summon a Wind current. Using this method, you can create an updraft and destroy a rock blocking the flow. You can use this method to reach the summit. The last water vein is located in the Broken Isle, and the water will flow southeast from this location.

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