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How to Disable TNT and Creeper Explosions in a Minecraft Server

how to disable tnt and creeper explosions in a minecraft server 6668
how to disable tnt and creeper explosions in a minecraft server 6668

If you’re running a Minecraft server, you might want to consider putting some protection measures in place to avoid players from using tnt. Using good Anti-Cheat can prevent many tricks that players use to take advantage of tnt, but won’t keep tnt and creepers from being used. Successful Minecraft communities want players to feel safe on their servers, and this includes taking measures to prevent players from abusing the tnt.


If you want your server to be safe from griefers, you should disable TNT and Creeper explosions. Using a /gamerule, players can disable these two types of explosives by entering the command /gamerule to disable tnt in minecraft server. This command works only for Java Edition and Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. Creepers are also sluggish and may benefit from a disable-tnt rule to prevent griefing.

You can also use a gamerule to hide certain blocks or block lists from players. This gamerule will prevent the mobs from attacking players when a player who triggered them dies nearby. You can also use it to prevent neutral mobs from attacking players who anger them. You can read more about gamerules at the Minecraft Gamerule Wiki.

A good anti-cheat will prevent many tricks. Using a good one will prevent a lot of creepers and tnt, but this will not stop the creepers from using tnt or creepers. A successful Minecraft community wants its players to feel safe, so make sure to protect the community from these harmful mobs by implementing a good Anti-Cheat.

Another method to disable tnt is to use WorldGuard. This allows you to have more control over the explosions on your server. It is important to note that WorldGuard commands only affect worlds within the server. In addition, you need to enter the command in the world you wish to protect. The /gamerule to disable tnt in minecraft server should only be used in worlds, and you must use a WorldGuard plugin to disable this feature.


You can enable /region disables tnt on your Minecraft server to avoid any explosions from Creepers and TNT. However, this command is available only to Java and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft. To enable this feature, you must be the server operator. This is a great way to protect yourself from griefers. However, this command requires the WorldEdit plugin, so it may not work for your server.

Creating a region requires that you set the passthrough flag. This flag means that it will allow players to build in the region without restriction. The default is deny, but you can also set it to allow. Creating a region in this way is not recommended, though. It will break pistons. In addition, you must be a member of the global region. The global region is the lowest priority region.

Non-players cannot be explicitly added to regions. However, blocks in a region are considered members. If a piston is inside a region, it cannot push blocks outside the region. Non-members are not members of a region, even if they are in the same region. You can also set the region to be protected if you are a moder. This will prevent non-players from accessing the region.

Using /region disables tnt on your server will allow you to prevent fluid from moving from one region to another. You must use high-frequency-flags to enable this. Additionally, you can also set the max number of blocks a region can claim. This limit is different for permission-groups. By default, a region can only contain a maximum of ten blocks, which is too much.

Using /region disables tnt on your minecraft server will prevent your players from sending greetings and farewell messages. If you have players overlapping regions, they will not receive greetings or farewell messages. And players will not be able to enter or exit a region if it overlaps with another region. To change the flag of a region, you should use the /region command.


You can use the /fireball to disable TNT in a Minecraft server. However, this will require some knowledge of the tnt itself. You can detect a tnt by filling an area with armor stands and using a detection command to detect it. This will help you in limiting pvp. You can also create an unstable tnt by using a fill command. The unstable tnt will be activated when a player punches it.

TNT is a kind of explosive substance. If it explodes, it will create a particle effect and a sound, but it doesn’t do any damage to entities or players. This is a great way to prevent griefing on a server! It’s also a useful command block that you can use to turn off various types of explosions, such as the fireball.

You can also use a plugin to limit where you place lava or water. This way, you can prevent griefers from getting lava and water. Using a plugin to disable TNT also prevents griefers from gaining it. You can also spawn withers to destroy these items, which are more powerful than creative nuking. The /fireball command is useful to prevent griefers from destroying the server and stealing the player’s goods.

You can also disable the ability to prime TNT entities by right clicking them. This prevents a number of possible exploits and also improves performance. You can also disable the possibility of these entities moving in water, as they can affect the performance of your server. If you want to disable /fireball in minecraft server, make sure to change the /fireball command as soon as possible.

WorldGuard plugin

If you’ve ever tried to use the WorldGuard plugin in Minecraft, you may have run into a problem. WorldGuard will prevent you from building, sending a message saying that you can’t do it, and it will often block you from completing certain actions. Disabling this plugin will allow you to prevent such problems and prevent people from gaining access to your server. To do this, you can go to your server’s Configuration and look for WorldGuard.

The WorldGuard plugin saves changes to region data. It keeps a list of all the regions, their shape, priority, and parent information. Each region has multiple flags, ranging from non-members to members, and from groups to players. The region_cuboid, region_poly2d, and region_point flags all have different data. The flags will also show if the region has a member or non-member. You can also use custom flags.

In some cases, WorldGuard uses more CPU than it should, because it must use the player move and teleport events to track player movement. Some people also block the /op command to prevent WorldGuard from tracking their location. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to WorldGuard. Here are a few. And don’t forget to try out the WorldGuard plugin and see how much difference it makes!

The WorldGuard plugin lets you modify your Minecraft game. You can choose a variety of settings, including how mobs spawn rates. This plugin can be useful for server map makers, server owners, and regular survival players alike. Before you install WorldGuard, you should check the prerequisites for your server. This plugin must be installed on your server with a Bukkit API, which means that you need a Minecraft server that supports the Bukkit API. This plugin also requires the WorldEdit Bukkit plugin, which is an in-game map editor.

Another way to disable WorldGuard is by enabling player simulation. These commands simulate entity damage events. You can use these to test plugins in PvP. The /wg debug testbreak command is also useful for testing plugins. In PvP mode, it simulates a block break, logging plugin blocking decisions. You can use these commands to test the WorldGuard plugin.

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