How to Find a Portable Lab in The Cycle Frontier

When searching for a Portable Lab, look in the region between two POIs in Bright Sands. Crescent Falls is also a good place to look as it produces more Epic rarity gear. In addition, you can also find a Portable Lab near the Safe Pocket. Once you have found the lab, you can begin to research the items you can use to enhance your character’s skills.

Magnetic Field Stabilizers

Portable labs require Magnetic Field Stabilizers to operate. These are rare items that can be found in a variety of places. While it is difficult to pinpoint specific locations, they are generally available for sale for 338 K-Marks. They can also be used to get 3 faction points.

Magnetic Field Stabilizers are a necessary crafting component in The Cycle. If you want to craft high-powered weapons, you’ll need them. They can be found in various Osiris Structures, such as the Science Campus. They are also useful for leveling up.

Magnetic Field Stabilizers are obtainable from the Science Campus in Crescent Falls. They are located near the Camp Power Up Room in Crescent Falls. Magnetic Field Stabilizers can also be obtained from the Lakeside Building. There are also several spots in Greens Prospect where you can find Magnetic Field Stabilizers.

Magnetic Field Stabilizers can be found in several locations around the world, including the Crashed Ship and Dig Site. They can also be found at the southern part of Base Camp, in the Dig Site, and in the north-west area of the North Uplink. You can also find them in Crescent Falls in the north-western part of the city, in the Lakeside Building, and in the Nutrion Farms Processing backside Jungle.

Polymetallic Prefabricate

A Polymetallic Prefabricate is a resource that is required to make different tools in The Cycle: Frontier. This resource can be obtained by farming hidden stashes. This resource is found in the region north-east of Green’s Prospect.

This resource is rare and is needed in a variety of recipes. It can be found in tier two to five cabinets, loot locations, and hidden stashes. Interestingly enough, it is rarely found in Tier 1 loot points.

Polymetallic Prefabricate can be obtained in a variety of locations around the map. It is most commonly found in Vaccine Labs, followed by Waterfall Labs and Crashed Ship. It is possible to find more than one of these items in a single location, but they are scattered around the map at random locations.

The best places to find Polymetallic Prefabricate are cabinets. These cabinets have a drop chance of between 12 to 24 percent. Besides cabinets, there are hidden stashes in Crashed Ship, Lakeside Buildings, and Water Facility.

You can find Portable Labs in medical areas, cabinets, and luggage. They are more common in Tier 4 and Tier 5 areas, as well as in places with high-level enemies. Portable Labs are also less common in the starting zones of Bright Sands, but they can be found around the eastern area of Base Camp and the southeast of the Comms Tower.

Waterfall Lab

The Waterfall Lab portable lab location in the cycle pioneer is located in the Bright Sands map in grid square F2. It is easy to find, under a desk on the first floor. Obtaining a sample from this lab is a relatively simple process. It can be obtained by collecting Latium Bio samples around POIs, decks, drawers, racks, and beds.

The Portable Lab is an item that allows you to create a lab wherever you want. It has a K-Mark value of 3,845 and a shop price of 7,700. However, this item is quite heavy and takes up a lot of space in your inventory. It swells when carried, and weighs up to 15 items. Additionally, it grants 38 faction points, making it a useful tool to level up a faction.

The Waterfall Lab is an excellent place to conduct experiments, since it provides a variety of tools and consumables. As you gain experience, you will also have the chance to loot useful objects. You can also use the Biological Sampler to make useful objects. However, it is worth noting that you can only stack up to 10 units. The Biological Sampler also yields 11 faction points per unit, which can be used for leveling purposes.

Safe Pocket

The Safe Pocket portable labs location in The Cycle: Frontier is a common spot to store consumables, such as ammo and heal potions. They are easy to carry around and can save your inventory space. It is also possible to keep old currency tokens in your Safe Pocket, which are weightless.

In addition to being a rare find, you can also find portable labs in medical areas, cabinets, and briefcases. Portable labs are most common in Tier 4 and 5-level areas with high-level enemies. However, they are not as common in the starting zones of the Bright Sands map. However, you can find them near the eastern area of Base Camp and the southeast of the Comms Tower.

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