How to Fix Error 0x80071129 on OneDrive

When you try to delete a folder or use a program, you may see an error message indicating that the file is corrupted or invalid. In this case, you should take steps to fix the problem. First, you need to identify the problematic area. Usually, the error is caused by a component of the application.

Another reason for the error is a corrupt file system. A corrupt file system may contain corrupted temporary files. To fix this, try running a disk scan or a OneDrive reset. If these steps do not work, use a PC repairing software that scans for critical system errors. The software will replace the corrupted system files with the updated versions.

Another reason for this error could be a corruption of temporary files or on-demand connection files. The process of synchronizing files from OneDrive to your computer may fail if these files are corrupted. To fix this error, you should try the following methods: (a) Update Windows or update the OneDrive software.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, you can try running CHKDSK on your computer. The program runs a CHKDSK scan and checks for any corrupted blocks in the file system. If the problem persists, you may need to restore the file to a previous state.

Another way to resolve the error is to perform a DISM repair on your system. The DISM repair is a Windows system image repair that can be performed from the command prompt. This command requires administrative privileges. Simply type the command and hit Enter to run the repair. This process will fix the error if an invalid tag is found in the reparse point buffer.

You may be using OneDrive, Microsoft’s answer to Google Drive. Most Windows devices come preinstalled with OneDrive. When you try to access a OneDrive file, you may see an error message stating that the file you are trying to access has an invalid tag. The invalid tag may also mean that your OneDrive cache has become corrupted. Repairing the OneDrive cache will fix most OneDrive issues.

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