How to Fix Hayward Pool Heater Error Codes

Hayward pool heater error codes can be caused by several problems. Sometimes, a wiring or connection problem is the culprit. Check the contact of the temperature limit switch and the heater’s contacts by disconnecting the wire leads and testing continuity across them. If this is not the issue, the problem is most likely in the temperature limit switch or heater. To find out which of these is the culprit, you can follow the steps below.

Fixing a faulty vent pressure switch

If you’ve noticed that your Hayward pool heater is not heating the water at the desired temperature, you may need to replace the vent pressure switch. This component is responsible for shutting down the heater when the pressure reaches a certain level. In order to prevent dangerous exhaust fumes from backdrafting, it must be shut off when there is negative pressure. The vent pressure switch can be defective and leave your home with poisoned indoor air. To repair a faulty vent pressure switch, inspect and tighten the connections and contact points. Make sure the vent flue is clean and free from debris.

If the pressure switch is damaged, it can result in more frequent shutdowns. It is possible to readjust the switch or replace it altogether. Alternatively, it may be the cause of the error codes. If the vent pressure switch is faulty, you need to replace it. This part of the heater is important, as it controls the amount of water that is drawn into the heater. If the switch doesn’t work correctly, it will cause the heater to shut down. You can test the switch by performing a bypass test.

The first step in diagnosing a faulty vent pressure switch is to check the safety fuse or fusible link. If you’ve already checked those, you can proceed to the next step – checking the voltage. Next, check the high-limit switch and pressure switch. Make sure the pressure is at a minimum on the ratting plate. Once these are both tested, the problem is resolved.

In some cases, troubleshooting a gas pool heater involves troubleshooting individual switches in the unit. Incorrectly set plumbing valves may cause the gas heater to overheat and burn. The gas supply valve and the plumbing valve should be set to the “OPEN” position. The pilot light must be lit, and the thermostat should be set to a higher temperature than the water temperature.

To fix a faulty vent pressure switch in a Hayward pool heater, follow the steps above. If you’ve tried all of these steps and still see the error message, your heater’s vent pressure switch may be faulty. If you’ve already replaced it, you can try these simple repairs to avoid more serious issues. If these solutions don’t work, contact an authorized service company or technician. They’ll diagnose the problem and provide a quote.

The pilot light may be obstructed by debris or vegetation. It may also be blocked by wind. Wind can blow water into the heater, resulting in a malfunction. If this is the case, you should inspect the pilot light in the heater. This component is located in the flue collector panel above the header. You should check for any loose connections to clear the obstruction and prevent the water from getting to the pilot light.

Resetting a hayward pool heater through the circuit breaker

A Hayward pool heater’s troubleshooting procedure begins with the diagnosis of the error code. For example, error code ‘bD’ typically indicates a gas valve or a fuse is open. Then, you should check the connection between the gas valve and the gas supply valve. If the latter is open, it will lockdown and reset itself in two minutes.

A faulty transformer is another common cause of error codes. Before you can repair the transformer, you must test the voltage across the transformer. To do so, disconnect the P4 connector from the fuse board. Measure the voltage across the pins and if it is less than 24 VAC, replace the transformer. In some cases, the H5 code is actually a HS code. The error indicates a problem with the temperature sensing system.

The maximum lock temperature is set to around 90-degrees F. The maximum temperature setting is typically 2-3 degrees higher than the desired water temperature. If it still has the error code, reset the heater through the circuit breaker. Once this step has been completed, the heater will return to Standby mode. When you have finished, reattach the cover to the control panel. In most cases, the problem is resolved.

Troubleshooting Hayward pool heaters is similar to troubleshooting other gas-fired appliances. It’s important to think like a combustioneer when troubleshooting this appliance. Pool heaters and furnaces use the same principle to heat water and air. You must also pay close attention to the gas valve and wires for corrosion. You can also check the gas flow in the heater by measuring the voltage in ignition.

Resetting a Hayward pool heater through the circuit breaker can fix some of the common problems. For example, improper gas pressure, improper venting, or air flow can cause the heater to stop working. If this is the case, the problem might lie elsewhere. In this case, the heater may not be the correct size. It’s important to note that many pool heater error codes can be fixed easily, and it’s a DIY job.

If the above steps do not solve the problem, it’s important to consult a professional. If you’re unable to determine what’s causing the error, you may have to replace certain parts. These include the high limit switch, pressure switch, motor, and heating element. Replacing any of these parts could save you money from a new pool heater. However, if you suspect the problem is internal, you should have your heater checked by a professional. Tampering with the heater can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

To troubleshoot any other problem, you can consult the Hayward manual or the owner’s manual. If these methods do not work, you can contact Hayward Technical Support. They are authorized warranty repair centers for Hayward pool equipment and can help you troubleshoot any other issues that may arise. When you have questions about your Hayward pool heater, they will be glad to assist you.

Troubleshooting a faulty temperature limit switch

If you’re experiencing an LO code on your Hayward pool heater, this problem may be caused by a faulty temperature limit switch. If the limit switch is faulty, the water flow is too low. In order to avoid backdrafting, this switch must be closed. However, if it’s stuck open, exhaust fumes can poison your indoor air. If you suspect a faulty temperature limit switch, a professional Hayward pool heater technician can fix this issue.

If this happens, you should check the temperature limit switch. The temperature limit switch, also called furnace plenum thermostats, limits the heater’s temperature to a safe level. If it fails to function properly, this temperature error can be caused by faulty wiring or a dirty filter. The best way to troubleshoot this problem is to replace the faulty part and reconnect it to the heater.

First, you should identify the error code. This code can be found on the Hayward manual or by consulting an expert. You should make sure that you know which temperature limit switch is malfunctioning. Often, error codes ‘bD’ indicate that a fuse or gas valve is open. If you find either of these, the temperature limit switch will automatically lock down and reset itself after two minutes.

If this error message does not disappear, you need to troubleshoot a faulty temperature sensor. If you see this error code, your Hayward pool heater may need to be repaired. To do this, you should check the temperature sensor and the filter pump to make sure that the flow of water is adequate. In addition, you should check the gas supply valves. If the flow of water is restricted, you should make sure that the gas is piping the heater to the pool.

Another reason for this error code is faulty wiring. Ensure that the wires that connect the vent pressure switch are properly secured. You can test the contacts of the temperature limit switch by removing the wire leads and checking for continuity across them. The heater may not function properly because the temperature limit switch is not functioning. You can also try replacing the thermostat if it’s not working properly.

If this isn’t the case, you can try to reset the temperature limit switch manually or check the wiring of the automatic limit switch. If you’re using an automatic temperature limit switch, you can test its wiring by connecting a jumper switch and measuring the voltage across the contacts. If you’re experiencing any type of fault with the automatic temperature limit switch, then the best option is to replace it. If this doesn’t work, you should contact the Hayward service department.

Another reason for an LO code on your Hayward pool heater is a faulty water pressure switch. If you’re experiencing low water pressure, it may be caused by a dirty filter or a poorly positioned valve. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, contact a Hayward pool heater repair technician immediately for assistance. Once you’ve found the cause of the LO code, you can fix the problem yourself or hire a professional for assistance.

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