How to Fix the E1 Error on Baxi Boilers

If your boiler is giving the E1 error, it may be due to a number of reasons. One of the most common causes is a frozen condensate pipe outside the boiler. To resolve this problem, you can try thawing the pipe. Alternatively, you can contact a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Temporary fault – Communication error with the HMI PCB

If you’ve encountered a fault in your Baxi boiler, you need to know the fault code. This will help you identify the exact problem. The fault codes on your boiler’s display are a good place to start looking. Typically, these fault codes refer to electronic failures. If your boiler displays a code of ’00’ or ‘0’, it’s because the boiler is not communicating with the HMI PCB. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole of the system has failed.

There are a few other causes for this error. The first is that the condensate pipe has frozen. In a colder climate, this problem can occur. If your boiler’s condensate pipe has frozen, you can try to unfreeze it.

Another cause is that the temperature of the flue gas has exceeded 140 degrees. This could be caused by a sensor fault. In addition to the above problems, the maximum flue gas temperature can also occur due to low system water pressure or a loose connection to the gas valve.

If you have noticed an error in the display of your boiler, you should contact a boiler service centre as soon as possible. The service engineer will first try to diagnose the underlying cause, then try to fix it. The repair engineer will need to open the boiler to test the components and determine whether the PCB is damaged or not. If this is the case, the boiler may not work at all.

Permanent fault – Return temperature sensor open-circuit

A Baxi boiler may experience an open-circuit return temperature sensor. In order to diagnose this fault, you need to look at the boiler’s display monitor and check the error codes. These codes will indicate whether you have a sensor failure, a communication problem, or insufficient circulation.

If you see this error on your Baxi boiler, the problem is likely to be caused by a few different reasons. First, the condensate pipe may have frozen outside the boiler. If this is the case, try thawing the pipe and contacting a Gas Safe registered engineer.

The Baxi boiler will display an error code that can help you diagnose the problem and decide if you need to contact a Baxi engineer. Some Baxi boiler fault codes are reversible, while others require the attention of a qualified engineer. To find out which error code your boiler displays, consult your manual.

The temperature of the flue gas is too high. It can be a sensor fault, or there can be a bad connection between the gas valve and the return temperature sensor. Another reason a boiler may fail is that it has lost a connection between the water supply and the boiler’s return temperature. If the temperature is too high, the boiler will not light properly.

If your boiler displays this error, the cause code is H.01-.00. In some cases, the problem could be a communication or a programming error. In the latter case, you must manually intervene to correct the problem. To do this, you should press the spanner button on the boiler’s display and select the cause code. It will be a three-digit error code that indicates the fault type. The cause code will vary depending on the make and model of your boiler.

Reset the boiler by thawing out the condensate pipe

If you’ve recently had a problem with a frozen condensate pipe, you’ll probably be wondering how to reset your boiler. The first step is to make sure that the frozen pipe is free of ice. If it is frozen, pour some warm water into the pipe, which should melt the frozen section. Once the water has melted, the next step is to reset the boiler. To do this, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Thawing out the pipe is easy to do. You can either use a hot water bottle or watering can to melt the frozen pipe. Nevertheless, you should always use extreme care when working with the pipe. Once you have thawed out the pipe, resetting your boiler is as simple as pressing the reset button on the boiler. The boiler should now work normally.

First, you should find the frozen condensate pipe. It’s usually connected to the drainage system outside your property. The pipe is between 22mm and 32mm in diameter and is often located near the window sill. If you can’t find it, you can use a hot water bottle or a microwaveable heating pack to warm the pipe up. Another option is to use a warm cloth to keep the pipe from freezing.

Another method to fix this problem is to use a trace. This electrical element is installed beneath the pipe. When the temperature is low, it warms up the pipe. This is the best way to protect the pipe from freezing.

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