How to Get Bone X Armor Set in Monster Hunter Rise Sunrise

If you want to wear the Bone X armor set in Monster Hunter Rise Sunrise, you will need to obtain the appropriate skills, materials, and other items. Fortunately, the game features several ways to get this armor set. Here are some of them: Warm Suit, Creepy Armor, Lizard Skin, and Virginia.

Warm Suit

The Bone X Armor Set is made up of pieces that combine to increase your character’s skill. In addition, it can be crafted from different materials. This set is an upgrade from the Base Commander Armor Set. Players who have this set are better equipped to face a variety of challenges.

You can earn this set through various methods, including completing quests or completing your daily grind. These methods are available in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. You can get five pieces of this armor set. You can combine the pieces to create your set, but you must have at least five pieces to upgrade the set.

Creepy Armor

In The Forest, you can chop up the enemies and make armor with them. You can equip these creepy armors to boost your defense. They have 80 points of defense and require no crafting, making them the best armor you can get. In addition, you can use them immediately after you get them.

First, you need lizard skin. Lizards are found throughout the forest. Crocodiles can also drop lizard skin. Crocodiles are also common, dropping four pieces each. You can find them north of the island’s river. You can use these to make creepy bone armor.

Lizard Skin

If you are looking for a better armor set, lizard skin is the way to go. Lizard skin is the first bona fide armor in the game and it offers decent protection. The skin is visible around the forearms and is made up of leather jackets and bracers. Lizard skin is a good choice to wear if you’re looking to protect yourself from cannibal camps and caves.

When crafting armor, lizard skin is an essential item that you should have in your inventory. Lizard skin is one of the easiest armors to get and it will give you 20 points of defense per piece. You can find lizard skin in various places, including the forest. Crocodiles are another great source of lizard skin. You can find them north of the island’s river.

You can also find lizard skin by hunting for it. These animals can be found almost anywhere, so it’s a great way to get some extra meat for your character. It’s also free, so you don’t need to spend money on them. In addition, lizards are a great source of meat, and you only need one lizard skin to complete a set.

While lizard skin isn’t the best looking skin in the game, it’s worth a try. The skin of the lizard is a great choice for a set in bone x.


The creepy armor can be obtained by skinning creepy mutants. This armor has a higher armor rating than bone armor. When a player skins a creepy mutant, three pieces will drop. Creepy armor is added to the game in v1.0 as a reward for killing mutants. Before that update, killing mutants did not result in items.


A Bone X Armor Set is a collection of pieces that combine skills. In addition to their unique appearances, they also provide an increase to the player’s durability. These pieces can also be crafted. To make them even more durable, you can use Pigments of Tokuno to dye them.

The Bone X Armor Set can be unlocked in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion. It’s composed of five pieces, and can be combined with other pieces of equipment. It combines skills and special effects depending on which pieces you choose, but upgrading it requires a lot of resources.


The Cowman bone X armor set is a very good choice for fighting mutants and cannibals. It protects you well from damage, and it features an enormous topside. This set also features weapons and skills that improve your chances of defeating the aforementioned creatures. It is developed and published by CAPCOM CO., LTD. All trademarks mentioned herein are the properties of their respective owners.

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