How to Get Coarse Thread in V Rising

Coarse Thread is an item that can be obtained by fighting mobs. It can be found at several locations in the game, but the best places to get this item are Logging Camps and Trapper Camps. There are also many mobs patrolling at night that drop this item as well. It is difficult to craft this item, so you will have to fight to get a drop. You can only get 16 Coarse Thread at a time.

Bandit Camps

In V Rising, you need Coarse Thread to craft better gear. But, it’s not easy to come by. You may be stuck without it, especially if you’re still at the beginning of the game. There are a few different ways to obtain this item, though. The first method is to go looting in the Farbane Woods settlements. In this settlement, you can find human corpses carrying Coarse Thread. Another way to find it is by attacking barrels or opening chests.

You can also farm for Coarse Thread by raiding Bandit Encampments in Farbane Woods. You can find the locations of these encampments by using the map below. The most common and effective Bandit Camps to farm for Coarse Thread are the Trapper and Logging Camps, which can be found scattered around the map.

Coarse Thread is a vital item for crafting armor in V Rising. You will need at least 16 of it to craft the Nightstalker Armor. Without this item, you won’t be able to progress past the tutorial. It’s also rare, so you’ll have to farm for it through exploration to find it.

Coarse Thread can be difficult to find in the main world of V Rising. However, it’s one of the most important resources in the game. It’s used to craft high-level clothing, which will increase your HP. You can get this rare item from bandit encampments, barrels, chests, and human enemies. However, it will require consistent farming for you to be able to gather sufficient quantities.

Coarse Thread is difficult to find, but it’s not impossible. As long as you can make enough of it, you can craft more powerful armor. In addition, you can use it for crafting items for your servants, which will increase the chance of completing missions and defending your castle from PvP attacks.

In the second half of the game, Wool Thread is a vital item and you’ll need it to craft better gear. To farm it, you should find a farm in Dunley Farmland.

Farbane Woods

If you want to find Coarse Thread in V Rising, you can loot from a variety of places, including crates, barrels, and bandit camps. These locations are highlighted in green on the in-game map. If you want to get the most amount of Coarse Thread, raid Bandit Encampments.

In order to craft your armor and other items, you’ll need Coarse Thread. Unfortunately, you can’t make this item in the castle. Fortunately, you can farm for it in the wild, such as Bandit Logging Camps and Bandit Trapper Camps. This is done by killing enemies and breaking barrels and crates.

You can find Coarse Thread in Farbane Woods by visiting the Bandit Encampments on the western and eastern sides of the forest. In addition to these locations, you can also farm it from destructible boxes scattered around the map. Coarse Thread is very rare and can take a long time to obtain.

Coarse Thread is a valuable resource in V Rising that can be used to make better gear. The best way to farm it is to raid the Bandit Encampments in Farbane Woods. These camps contain various items like Bandit Camps, Bandit Strongholds, and Bandit Armory. The locations of these camps are marked on the map below. The best Bandit Encampments to raid are the Trapper and Logging Camps, which are scattered all over the map.

Once you have acquired Coarse Thread, you can craft better armor and fishing poles. The latter is essential for surviving the vampire empire. The good news is that it doesn’t cost too much to make fishing poles and fishing rods. The thread can also be used to make better armor and weapons, which will help you stay protected and safe from attacks.

Coarse Thread is one of the most useful and profitable items in V Rising. Coarse Thread can be used to make many different types of armor, including Nightstalker armour. To craft Nightstalker armor, you need 16 Coarse Threads.

Dunley Farmland

In the game V Rising, you will need to gather resources and craft items. One of the most important items is Wool Thread, and to get this item you’ll have to search the ground. The best place to find this resource is Dunley Farmland.

You can get Wool Thread from several locations in the Dunley Farmlands. These locations include bandit camps, army camps, and farmer houses. These locations are marked on the map in the game. In addition, if you’re playing the PVE mode, you may be able to get this resource from defeated enemies.

Coarse thread is essential for crafting, but can be hard to obtain. This resource is a vital part of making armor sets, which can help you survive in the vampire empire. As such, you’ll want to start gathering coarse thread as soon as possible.

Wool Thread is one of the most important resources in V Rising, and you’ll find that there are several places to farm it. Dunley Farmlands has the highest concentration of Wool Thread, making it the best place to farm the item for a good amount of it. Moreover, you can also raid villages and camps to find chests with wool thread.

In V Rising, you’ll need to level up your character to get the best equipment. This will require careful use of resources and a high gear score. Dunley Farmlands can be a good place to level up because of its lush terrain. However, you shouldn’t build a castle here.


One of the most useful crafting materials in V Rising is coarse thread. It is not easily available but is very valuable for crafting armour and fishing poles. Having more of this material will help you make better armor, which is vital if you want to survive the vampire empire. Luckily, there are ways to obtain it in the game.

In V Rising, you need to craft many things and to do this, you need to collect different resources. One of the most important resources in the game is coarse thread, which is a variable ingredient that will help you craft various things, including weapons, armor, and more. However, unlike most of the other resources in the game, you cannot obtain coarse thread just by hunting.

To get this material, you have to explore. You can do this by raiding bandit encampments. These encampments will have chests and barrels with this resource. You will also be able to get it from barrels and crates. To get the best result, you need to find these locations and farm them consistently.

You can find a lot of this material in the northern part of the game. If you have a good collection, you will be able to craft different armor and other items. In addition, you can also use it to make fishing rods, which will be helpful if you want to farm for improve materials.

Another way to get coarse thread is to raid enemy camps. You can also use items from these camps to craft better armour for your servants. This will increase their chances of completing missions and defending your castle from PvP attacks. And as you get more of it, you can use it to craft even better armour for your servants.

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