How to Get Malzeno Armor Set in WoW

There are two methods that will give you the Malzeno armor set: the first is to batter the vampire with your Mounted Punisher. This will cause the vampire to go down and prompt you to ride it. You can repeatedly ride the vampire into walls and vents to deal up to 1400 damage. This will drop additional parts for the Malzeno armor set.

Blood Rite skill

If you want to get a full Malzeno armor set, you will need to get the Blood Rite skill. This skill will enable you to break monster parts easier. In order to get this skill, you must have a few levels of Partbreaker. It is also recommended that you craft a Destroyer decoration. However, level 3 Partbreaker is a lot more useful, and you should aim to get it first.

Blood Rite is a damage-based skill, and it increases the damage done by enemies. Using this skill with Dereliction, you can get a Malzeno waist and Silver Sol chest. You can also use this skill with Coalescence to boost elemental damage.

Malzeno is very difficult to kill, and its attacks have been boosted. As a result, it’s important to be extra careful while fighting him. He’s fast and can deal quite a lot of damage, so be sure to defend yourself! You can also use a strong shield to stop his attacks and then counterattack when he has recovered.

Dango fighter

The Malzeno armor set is the second most important piece of Dango armor, and the Dango Fighter can’t do without it. This set is very useful for fighting dragons and protecting yourself against attacks. The armor is also very helpful for avoiding attacks and dealing elemental harm.

The first way to get this set is by leveling the Malzeno character. This character will spawn in the game, so you’ll need to fight him as soon as possible. You can do this by battering him as much as you can, then using your captured monster to ride him down. Once you do this, you’ll be prompted to hop on his back to do a huge amount of damage. This will earn you a lot of loot, including Malzeno’s incredible armor set.

Malzeno’s attacks are very unique, especially when it rages. Its body parts glow and have a red cloud around them. Attacking the Malzeno while it is in this state will weaken those body parts while increasing its agility. The Malzeno will also use its wings and talons to pierce the ground.


If you want to own a Bloodstone armor set, there are a couple of ways to go about it. First of all, you’ll need to obtain a Bloodstone Core. You’ll need this for crafting the full set. You can also get them by farming the Witness by Moonlight quest.


In a battle against Malzeno, it is essential to choose the right type of armor. While the armor does not have to be resistant to elemental damage, it should have the ability to absorb injuries. In addition, you should pick armor sets with a constitution boost and the ability to speed up healing.

When you are in an encounter with Malzeno, try to avoid using blunt or blast weapons. They can knock him out of the air mid-attack. You should also try to avoid attacking Malzeno from the back, as you’ll waste time fighting him. When you have a chance to kill him, you should attack him from the side.

Once you reach MR 5, the Malzeno fight quest will unlock. You can use this quest to get the parts needed for the armor set. You will also be given points for the first upgrade. You should be able to craft the Malzeno armor set with these materials.

Rage state

When the Malzeno goes into Rage state, it changes from its normal form into a more powerful version. As a result, it is more violent than usual, with the ability to teleport to unleash a series of new attacks. Moreover, Malzeno’s tail will start to swish around, and many of its attacks will occur twice in quick succession.

While the first two phases of the fight are pretty straightforward, the third phase of Malzeno is a particularly dangerous phase, as his attacks are now more powerful and difficult to track. Additionally, his final attack is extremely powerful, and can even wipe a stage clean. For this reason, it’s vital to use a strong shield or counterattack at this time to prevent him from destroying the stage.

To deal with Malzeno effectively, it’s important to learn about his different phases. First, he accumulates Bloodblight more often than other creatures. You should avoid taking too much damage at once during this phase and focus on soaking up as much damage as possible. Secondly, you should avoid using a heavy attack. A quick attack is a better option than a heavy one.


The Damage of Malzeno armor set will increase your damage output. It is made up of different pieces, each with its own weaknesses. For example, the head and spiky tail of the Malzeno are particularly vulnerable. However, you can deal with these weaknesses with different types of weapons.

In addition to its high damage output, the Damage of Malzeno armor set also protects you from damage inflicted by projectiles. However, you must watch out for the pathing of these projectiles to avoid being crushed. You can also use Wirebugs to escape from the Malzeno attacks.

This set also provides on-hit healing. However, the healing from this set is lower than the damage of the Malzeno armor set. It allows you to keep pumping out damage without worrying about health loss. It is important to remember that Malzeno’s attacks still pose a threat, so it’s important to keep this in mind when gearing up.


If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Malzeno armor set, you’ll first need to understand how the armor works. There are a number of different parts to this armor set, and you can combine them to create a customized set. The first part of the set is the Malzeno Mail (body), while the next two parts are the Malzeno Coil (belt). This set is only available in the Master Rank, so you’ll need to get your hands on an expansion for it.

When you first encounter Malzeno, it’s best to be extremely cautious as the first phase builds up his bloodblight. This will prevent you from recovering any health for a short period of time. Using your mount to batter him will also allow you to take advantage of the armor components he drops.

When he gets enraged, the Malzeno changes into a different form. It teleports around and releases new attacks. In addition, he will use his wings and talons to pierce the ground.


The Qurio Malzeno armor set is a very rare piece of gear that you can get when you level up your character. The armor is extremely powerful and can be quite dangerous. The Malzeno has several unique abilities, including being able to teleport and unleash new attacks. He can also swing his tail around in order to deal damage. This makes him a dangerous character in the world of Final Fantasy XV.

One of the main abilities of the Qurio Malzeno armor set is its increased element attack and dereliction. This skill is powerful, but it also has a cost. You will spend a great deal of health while using this skill. It also gives you increased status and elemental damage.

Another way to get this set is by farming Pop-Fish. This is a rare item, but it’s worth acquiring a few pieces to increase its power level. The pieces that contain this rare item will give you Resentment, which will increase your damage when your health is recovering. This skill can be paired with the Coalescence Skill, which boosts your attack damage after recovering from a Status Effect.

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