How to Get Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, you can find a rare item called the Sinister Gloomcloth. This item can be found in the Kamura Village. You can use it to send your Buddies on expeditions and gather resources. It also gives you some special abilities. Here are some tips to get the item.


If you’re looking for an unusual item to add to your inventory, you can hire a Meowcenary. These cats can be sent on specific routes and missions to collect items for you. They also offer the chance to obtain rare resources such as Gothjellies. They can also be used to make Jelly Equipment.

In addition to hunting monsters and items for you, Meowcenaries can also fetch scraps and herbs. You can equip them with special tools to make them more effective. When equipped with these items, Meowcenaries will try even harder to earn rare rewards. You can also equip them with a Lagniapple to enhance their abilities. The best way to get a Lagniapple is to complete optional sidequests, or you can find them while farming in the open world.

To craft Death Stench equipment, Meowcenaries need to gather Sinister Cloth. They can gather this cloth by going on missions and returning from them. The timer advances with each mission. The best place to gather this material is the Sandy Plains. Look for routes with sparkling bonepile nodes. In addition to the cloth, a Meowcenary should also have a Lagniapple nearby.

Meowcenaries also use this cloth to craft Death Stench X armor. It is not guaranteed, but it can be found in many places. You can also use a Lagniapple to increase your chances of finding rare materials. The more Sinister cloth you collect, the better.

To hire a Meowcenary, you must have enough Kamura Points. After you hire a Meowcenary, he will travel to five locations and complete a quest. Then he will return to the Feyline to receive the reward. Shining nodes are indicated by small, sparkle-like markers on the map, next to the region name.

While crafting items, the best way to craft Sinister Cloth is by looting various locations. Sandy Plains offers the highest rate for the material. You’ll also need to be patient, and look for the sparkle icon to ensure a higher drop rate.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

If you want to craft Death Stench armor and weapons, you’ll need to obtain enough Sinister Gloomcloth. However, this material is extremely rare and can be difficult to obtain consistently. Fortunately, you can use Palico and Palamute Buddies to complete quests and obtain enough Sinister Gloomcloth to craft these items.

One of the most popular recurring gear sets in Monster Hunter Rise is the Death Stench. Its stats make it ideal for endgame brawls. However, this recurring set of gear requires a lot of Sinister Cloth, which can be found in several locations in Monster Hunter Rise.

The best place to get Sinister Gloomcloth is in the Argosy. You can increase your chance of obtaining the rare item by leveling your Buddy trading skills. In addition, you can also use the Blinding Bargain Skill to increase your chances of getting rare items. While this skill isn’t as reliable as Meowcenaries, it’s useful for getting rare items.

Another way to obtain Sinister Cloth is by hunting Palicoes in Tailrider Safari missions. However, this item is a rare drop, so it’s best to send your Palico on high-level Hunting missions to increase your chances of receiving it. Aside from this, you can also collect materials by completing quests.

In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, you can also use Meowcenaries to obtain the Sinister Gloomcloth. They’re special companions that you can hire to go on missions with you. When you hire one of these creatures, it will go out to find the items for you and will come back once you’ve completed the quest. Lagniapple can also assist you.

Location of Sinister Gloomcloth

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, players can now craft Sinister Gloomcloth to use on their characters. The new crafting material can be found in shiny bonepiles on Scouting Routes at Master Rank. This item is best obtained by killing small monsters and Meowcenaries. Alternatively, players can also use them to craft weapons and armour.

Sinister Gloomcloth is a material needed to craft the Death Stench X armor set in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. However, getting the material is not guaranteed. You can try sending Meowcenaries to shine bonepiles for higher chances of finding the material. If you’re a Meowcenary, you can also use the Lagniapple to increase your chance of finding rare materials.

Sinister Gloomcloth is a valuable crafting material that is essential for making Death Stench armor and weapons. Unlike other materials, Sinister Gloomcloth is not widely available and cannot be continuously farmed. Depending on your level and the game’s difficulty, you may need to make a lot of attempts before you succeed in finding enough Sinister Gloomcloth to craft the weapon you want.

The location of Sinister Gloomcloth in MHR can be found on the map of Sandy Plains. The location of the item is marked by a blue sparkle next to its name. It can be obtained by sending Palicos or Palamutes on a Meowcenary trip. It is also possible to use Meowcenaries to craft the Sinister Gloomcloth.

The Location of Sinister Gloomcloth in M HR is a rare item and only Meowcenaries can get them by completing rare expeditions. In order to get the Sinister Gloomcloth, Meowcenaries must select a route marked with sparkles and a Bonepile icon.

Ways to obtain Sinister Cloth

In Monster Hunter Rise, Sinister Cloth is an extremely rare crafting material. It can be obtained by harvesting it in the open world, from specific monsters, and from quests. However, getting enough of this item is not always easy, and you must know the best ways to get it to have a great weapon or armor.

One of the best ways to get Sinister Cloth is to complete the Tailraider Safari missions. These will allow you to harvest Aetheryte Shards and Coral Bone, both of which are essential for crafting Sinister Cloth. You can also obtain these items from other sources, such as the Meowcenaries facility in Kamura Village.

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you can also obtain this crafting material from Shiny Bonepiles on Scouting Routes, assuming you’re at Master Rank. Another way to obtain this item is by sending Meowcenaries to Shiny Bonepiles and Kamura Village.

Another way to get Sinister Gloomcloth is to send Meowcenaries on quests. This is best done in the Master Rank Sandy Plains, where Nagi is a Buddy Agent. These characters will go out and gather items for you, and return after they complete quests. Lagniapple can also help you with this quest.

Meowcenaries are sent on specific routes and missions. These missions are typically red or green and will have blue sparkles on them if you can collect a rare material, such as Sinister Cloth. When you send a Meowcenary, make sure to check in at the Buddy Plaza after each mission. This way, you’ll have a better chance of getting a rare item like Sinister Cloth.

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