How to Make Stone Brick in V Rising

There are a few different ways to craft stone bricks in V Rising. First of all, you need to gather the required materials. Once you’ve gathered these materials, you need to build a Grinder near your Castle Heart. To build a Grinder, you will need four Whetstones, four Copper Ingots, and eight wooden planks.

Stone Dust

If you want to craft Stone Dust, you’ll need a Grinder and Whetstones, two tools that will allow you to grind down Raw Stones to create Stone Bricks or Stone Dust. You will need to break down many rocks in V Rising before you can make one of these building materials.

You can find Stone Dust in chests and destructible structures. This material can be used to build Stone Walls, which enclose rooms and give them roofs. It’s also a key ingredient in the production of Wheatstone, a material necessary to boost early-game gear. Those are the two most common building materials that you can craft with Stone Dust. Learn their recipes and you’ll be well on your way.

The first step to making Stone Dust is to find a Grinder, located under the Build menu. You’ll also need eight Planks, four Copper Ingots, and four Whetstones. You can also get the other two materials from Sawmills, Furnaces, and Copper Ingots.

While the majority of resources in V Rising are easy to obtain, some are more difficult to find. For example, stone dust is not as easy to find as stone brick, which is a key ingredient in crafting whetstones.

Stone Bricks

To make stone brick in V Rising, players first need to find raw materials. For one Stone Brick, a player needs 12 raw stones. Another resource that players need is Stone Dust, which is used to craft extra Whetstones in the furnace. Once you’ve found these resources, you can begin grinding in your castle.

When you’re starting a new game, it’s essential to make some stone brick. This will be used for building the various structures and furnishings in your castle. Luckily, the crafting system in V Rising is quite robust, allowing players to produce various materials for their castles and furnishings.

In order to make Stone Bricks, you must first obtain the Grinder (under the Production and Refinement menu). You’ll also need four Copper Ingots and eight Planks. Then, you can grind the remaining items to get Stone Dust and Stone Bricks. You can also make Stone Bricks with a Furnace, but this will require a Crafting Station.

Using Stone Bricks is an essential part of crafting in V Rising, and you’ll need Stone Dust to do so. In addition to being useful for building, Stone Dust is also essential for crafting Wheatstone, which you need to use to enhance your early game gear.


Whetstones are essential in V Rising, and you can make a variety of items using them. You can use these to build various buildings and upgrade your castle. You will also need stone dust, whetstone, and bricks. These resources aren’t always easy to find, though. Luckily, there are a few tips that will make it a little easier to obtain them.

Whetstones are a very powerful item in V Rising, and you’ll need them to make better weapons. Here’s how to find them in V Rising: The first step is to find Grayson thea Armourer, a level 27 boss. There’s no fixed location for him, so it’s important to level up your gear so you can find him. You can also use the Blood Altar in the base to track him down.

The next step is to craft a Whetstone. To make Whetstone brick, you must first have a Stone Dust. Stone Dust is a byproduct of converting Raw Stones to Stone Bricks. The next step is to combine this stone dust with Copper Ingots to make Whetstone.

Another step is to collect the Whetstone. Whetstones can be found in bandit camps or enemy areas. You can also find them in barrels and chests by holding down your mouse over them. You’ll need to reach level 27 in order to craft a Whetstone.


In order to make stone brick in V Rising, you must first gather the required materials. For this, you must build a Grinder in the Refinement section. This equipment will turn Stone Dust into Stone Bricks. You can also use Stone Dust to craft Whetstones. This material will give you the ability to make stone bricks in large quantities.

Before you can start using Stone Bricks, you will need to gather Stone Dust. Then, use a Grinder to grind stone. It will turn 12 Stone into one Stone Brick. This process can be repeated as often as you like. This will allow you to produce tons of bricks.

As you progress through the storyline, you will need more Stone Bricks to construct walls and floors in your fortress. Stone Bricks will help you make your castle look more impressive. Luckily, you can make them without any difficulty, as long as you have patience. In V Rising, you can grind Stone Bricks by using a Grinder, which requires eight Planks and Whetstones.

Once you have Stone Dust and Stone Brick, you can proceed to upgrade your castle and gear. Moreover, you can use the stone brick to build a roof on your castle. Using Stone Bricks and Dust will make your castle look more beautiful!

Copper Ingots

In V Rising, one of the most coveted materials is Stone Brick. However, you must gather a lot of materials before you can make Stone Brick. This process requires grinding and patience. First, you need to gather some raw materials such as cotton, quartz, and Whetstones. Next, you will need to use a Grinder to turn these materials into stone bricks.

To make Stone Brick, you must grind 60 Copper Ingots and 480 Stone. You need to have a Crafting Station to complete the process. You can make Copper Ingots using a Furnace. You must also have a Sawmill. This is necessary to grind copper ore into Copper Ingots. You can also read our guide to learn about Whetstones.

After gathering these resources, you must refine them. Then, you will have copper ingots and Stone Dust for making Stone Bricks. In addition, you will need four Whetstones to craft a Grinder. Finally, you must find a location near your Castle Hear and place the Grinder.

While this process may take a while, it will make crafting easier. Byproducts will be produced from almost every crafting process in V Rising. You will also get Stone Dust by grinding raw stone. To get it, open the Grinder menu and place a raw stone in the Input tab. Once it’s done, you will see the Stone Dust as loot.


In V Rising, you need to build a Grinder in order to make Stone Bricks. You can do this inside your base. You’ll also need a Grinder to make the Stone Dust that you need. It requires 4 copper ingots and 8 planks. The planks and whetstones can be looted from Bandit Strongholds in Farbane Woods.

In V Rising, Stone Bricks are one of the most important resources you can obtain. They will allow you to build more robust castles and give your strongholds more presence. You will need to grind the stones to make these bricks, which is a time-consuming process. However, you can get more stone bricks by farming more stone dust, which you can use to craft Whetstones.

Creating Stone Bricks is a vital crafting resource in V Rising. Without Stone Bricks, you won’t be able to progress your questline. You’ll also need it to build Reinforced Walls and Stone Floors. Using a Grinder is the best way to make them. To make Stone Bricks, you need eight Planks and 4 Whetstones. You can make Planks in a Sawmill, and you can also produce Copper Ingots from Copper Ore by using a Furnace.

Stone Dust can be obtained from various sources. You can find it in the Farbane Woods and from the various Bandit camps. Using this will give you enough Stone Dust to make a Grinder. The Grinder will produce stone bricks and stone dust, and you can use it anywhere in the area. Place it near the heart of your Castle. When you need to craft stone bricks, you need to interact with the Grinder by adding raw stone to it.

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