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Huge Hacked Cat in Roblox

huge hacked cat in roblox 8753
huge hacked cat in roblox 8753

The Huge Hacked Cat is a super-rare, exclusive pet found only in the game. It’s a giant version of the common Hacked Cat, and the strongest non-limited pet in the game. The Huge Hacked Cat is also the first pet to not be limited to a particular biome. This pet is acquired only by hatching a Hacker Egg. You will need to unlock the Hacker Gate, which costs 10 Billion Tech-Cyborg Coins and 500k Diamonds.

The Huge Hacked Cat is the strongest non-limited pet in Pet Simulator X. If you are lucky enough to hatch the Huge Hacked Cat, you’ll get a pet with twice the damage as the strongest pet. While this makes the pet one of the strongest pets in the game, you have a small chance of getting the rainbow version. However, you’ll never know when the chance of obtaining the Rainbow version will come.

You can also hatch a Huge Hacker Cat by unlocking a key door in the Tech World Store. You’ll need 10 billion Tech coins and 500,000 diamonds to unlock this secret door. After you’ve found the secret door, you’ll find a giant Hacker Cat waiting inside. You can get this cat by spending 10 billion Tech Coins and 500,000 Diamonds.

In Roblox Pet Simulator X, there are two Hacker Eggs: the normal and the gold one. You’ll need three billion school Coins to get the normal Egg, but the gold one will cost 27 Billion coins. There’s a slim chance that you’ll get a huge Hacker Cat by opening one of the Gold Hacker Eggs. All large Cats have the Best Friend enchantment, meaning they match your best pet stats.

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