LG Washer Error Codes – How to Fix Them

If you’ve ever encountered the dreaded LG washer error code “DE,” you know what it means. The error message will indicate a malfunctioning part. The troubleshooting procedure involves identifying the error code. Read on to discover what it means and how to fix it. Even if your machine is brand-new, you can always read the error message before you start fixing it. You’ll know exactly where to look for the problem, too!

If you’ve noticed suds in the water, chances are you’re using a large amount of detergent, or you’ve used a non-HE detergent. Then, you may have encountered LG washer error code “E13” while washing a large load. To fix this problem, you’ll need to remove the items from the washer and wait until the water reaches a normal temperature. Usually, you can solve the problem by removing the items and letting the machine cool down. If the noise continues, you’ll need to replace the item or allow the machine to cool down. If the rotor is not moving as it should, it may be causing the problem.

Another common LG washer error code is LE, or motor lock. This code shows up when you are washing a large load and needs to be cycled on a gentle cycle. Try unplugging the machine for about half an hour, and then plug it back in. Otherwise, you might need to call an LG technician to repair the problem. If you can’t resolve the problem on your own, read on for a few helpful tips to fix LG washer error codes.

Another easy fix for LG washer error code LE is to power cycle it. Simply unplug the machine and wait for the electrical charge to clear. This is the closest thing to a “reset” for your washing machine. An LE error code means your motor is locking up. A large load may be too much for the motor to handle. Power cycling the machine is a simple way to fix this problem. This method usually works.

Another common LG washer error code is LE, or door lock. This error can be caused by a number of different issues, including a malfunctioning water valve or a problem with the main PCB control board. In such cases, it is best to call a professional who can help you repair the problem. It is possible that you are simply misreading the error code. If this is the case, you can perform the following steps.

You may have a leak or damaged water hose. To fix this issue, you may have to disconnect the water hose and drain the washer. If the washer does not drain properly, check the water supply hoses and drain hoses. In addition, you may have to remove the drain hose to access the pump. The drain hose may be damaged or kinked. Lastly, you may want to check the balance of your load. Some washers are equipped with an unbalance detection and correction system. If it finds it out, the cycle may be stopped and your load may need to be rebalanced.

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