Maytag Error Codes and How to Resolve Them

A washer can show a range of different error codes. It’s important to determine what the error code is and how to resolve it. For example, a message reading ‘dishwasher error’ means that the detergent dispenser isn’t working properly. The detergent drawer should be tightly closed in order to clear this error code. To clear it, you can double press the power button, pause button, or cancel key.

A machine with an error code of LC or LOC means that the Control Lock has been initiated. Pressing the Control Lock button should remove the error message. However, if your machine doesn’t have a Control Lock button, consult the Use & Care Guide to determine whether the button is installed and how to press it. If you’re unsure, contact Maytag’s customer support team for assistance. You can also find a detailed explanation of each error code by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

Suds overfill (Sd) is another problem that may occur in your Maytag machine. Suds overfill causes the washing machine to stop mid-cycle and increase the cycle’s rinse time. To prevent this, you may need to change the detergent you’re using or clean a blockage in the drain line. To prevent this error code, always use HE detergent. HE detergents contain thickening agents that help prevent excessive suds.

If you see an excessive soap suds message on your Maytag washer, you may need to change the detergent. You should also replace the water inlet valve. Clean the screens inside the hose connection ports to eliminate the problem. If you can’t fix the problem yourself, try unplugging the machine. If you don’t see an error message within a few days, call a Maytag technician and schedule an appointment.

Using a multimeter can check the wiring on your Maytag washer. Make sure you haven’t damaged any wiring. If so, a certified electrician can fix it. To test the pressure sensor, locate it at the top right rear of the machine, where it has a thin hose connected. Then, use a voltmeter to check its voltage. Make sure to check the black probe that connects to the PS8 board connector. If it shows a low voltage, you need to replace it.

If you have a Maytag washing machine with this error code, you may need to replace the entire lick mechanism, or have the Central Control Unit replaced. It’s best to contact a Maytag repair technician, since this error can lead to damage to your appliance. For example, if your washing machine won’t heat up water, you may need to replace the heating element. A technician will be able to replace this part for you.

If a Maytag oven is displaying a fault code, it’s worth investigating the problem. Fault codes indicate a number of different things, including a temperature sensor problem or a keypad issue. If you can’t figure out the exact cause of the error, you can try to reset the device by pressing ‘Clock’ or ‘Start’. But don’t forget to check the outlet voltage.

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