All You Need To Know About Medical Website Development and Design

The medical sector is leveraging technology’s power to improve patients’ lives. Do you know that the footprint of technology in the medical sector is set to cross 671.49 billion USD by the end of 2027? 

Hence, whether you’re a business or a medical services startup, it is important to follow a quick guide on medical web development and design trends.

Let us help you go through the key details of medical website development and design. First, we’ll cover the key features in any healthcare software development followed by its key technologies.

Finally, we’ll cover the top trends observed by the leading medical website development companies and the overall costs of creating healthcare websites. Let us start with the features first.

Top features for healthcare software development:

It is estimated that the online search attracts three times more hospital visitors than the ones without websites. So what is it which attracts people to medical websites? 

These top features lead people to contact a specific hospital, or medical services, provider. The following is a quick list of the essential features for any healthcare software development:

  • Search: First things first, it is essential to offer a flexible searching system. The different filters on the search section can allow the visitors to go through the services quickly and select one based on their needs. Further, it allows the medical services provider to showcase their different services and offer quick navigation.
  • Appointments: Many patients prefer to go for online appointment booking only. Hence, it is important to add the appointments section to the website. This section must offer a range of specialists, times, and dates according to the patient’s needs. The patients need to add their details like phone number, age, name, etc. while getting online appointments.
  • Services: The healthcare website must be informative enough to showcase the different services offered. It is crucial to eliminate the technical and medical aspects which are not easy to understand by different users. Different healthcare providers may have multiple or few services based on their forte. Organizations with several medical services can opt for the hamburger menu for showcasing information while saving website space. Healthcare organizations with limited services must feature them properly on the website pages.
  • Contact details: Any medical website needs clear contact details, including phone number, address, email id, etc. The healthcare institutes having different centers must offer the option to select the nearby one based on the user experience. The best solution is to add a click-to-call button that allows the users to quickly contact the healthcare business without any issues.
  • Advanced features: Last but not least is certain advanced features in medical development and design. These include feedback forums, online consultation, payment, chatbots, etc. These high-tech features allow businesses to improve the hospital website experience.

The technology required for healthcare software development:

Do you know that 81% of customers are unsatisfied with their healthcare experience? Hence, after going through the key features in healthcare software developmentit is important to look at the technology required for improving the healthcare sector.

 The technology stack for creating effective website development and design includes:

  • Required technologies: It all starts with hiring a qualified and experienced team of developers and designers. Businesses are opting to outsource a web development company for healthcare website projects. The front-end development, back-end development, libraries, languages, etc., make part of the website development for the healthcare sector. Some of the key technologies required in healthcare software development:
  • Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, etc.
  • Markup languages: JavaScript, HTML5, GraphQL, React.js, etc.
  • Management tools: Trello, Jira, etc.
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): It protects the identity of the people using medical services. The details secured by HIPAA are social security numbers, emails, phone numbers, names, etc. All healthcare websites need to comply with HIPAA guidelines. Hence, the data is encrypted and backup based on administrative, technical, and physical safeguards.
  • Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act): It offers protected health information access to authorized users. Hence, it is easy for the patients to look at the data while the healthcare authorities have to protect against any possible data violation.

Top trends in healthcare software development in 2022:

Let us now go through the top trends in healthcare website development and design in 2022. These include:

  • Bright colors: The time is on to go for the deep and different colors in healthcare software development or creating websites. The colors can represent the brand logo or slogan. Further, the meaning of the colors can add a silent message to the healthcare website or software. 
  • Hamburger menu: Customers love the hamburger menu, which has a button at the top corner. The complete menu or the navigation bar opens when clicked on this menu. This menu is perfect for ensuring a satisfying user experience on different mobile devices. Further, it is easy to save space using the hamburger menu.
  • Micro animations: It is easy to attract the visitor’s attention with the small animated parts in the user interface. The micro animations can focus the attention on the required information and can facilitate user navigation. All you need to do is avoid overloading the healthcare website pages with animations.
  • Flat design: The minimalist and simple healthcare websites need medical technology. It becomes easy for the users to focus on the specific page content without different distractions. Further, the flat design website takes less time to load and improves the user experience.
  • Highly-responsive web design: Last but not least is the highly-responsive website design. It should go well with the different screen sizes that ensure a seamless user experience. Further, it complements the multi-tasking of the visitors searching for different services on your healthcare website.

Cost to develop healthcare websites:

Last but not least is the overall cost of healthcare software developmentThe total costs of creating healthcare websites depend on the following factors:

Based on the location: 

It is important to go through the costs of medical website development based on the different parts of the world. The type of skillset and the location of developers have a strong effect on the overall development costs like

South Asia40,000 USD
Eastern Europe60,000 USD
Western Europe150,000 USD
The UK170,000 USD
The US200,000 USD
Australia120,000 USD

Based on team type: 

The second factor determining the price of the healthcare website is the type of the team. 

Team typeCosts
Freelancers40,000 USD
Outsourcing agency60,000 USD
In-house team150,000 USD
Local agency200,000 USD

Based on the website type: 

The third most important factor to consider while looking to outsource a web development company is to determine the website type. These costs are:

Website typeCosts
Corporate health website5,000 USD
Appointments scheduling website20,000 USD
Electronic Health Record (EHR) website40,000 USD
Medical diagnosis website40,000 USD
Medical networking website70,000 USD
Hospital management website80,000 USD
Telemedicine website100,000 USD

After going through the key factors determining the costs of medical development and design, it is important to go through the average development costs. It costs around 5,000 USD to 100,000 USD for healthcare software developmenbased on different factors.

Wrapping Up:

With more than 76% of people searching the websites for finding the ideal hospitals, there can be no other golden time for businesses trying their luck in healthcare software development. 

All you need to do is go through the quick guide to stay prepared for the process. It is easy to go through the key features of any medical website.

We’ve incorporated the details of the required technology stack followed by the top trends in the industry for 2022. Not to miss are the details about the overall costs of creating medical websites in our detailed guide on medical web development and designing trends.

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