Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Guide – How to Get Heavy G Jaggi Scrap

Heavy G. Jaggi Scrap is a Master Rank Material in Monster Hunter Rise, which was introduced in the Sunbreak Expansion. It can be used to craft various equipment and has a selling price of 100 Zeni. It has a rarity of 8 and is useful for crafting different equipments.

Master Rank Materials

In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, the player can craft various items in the game using Heavy G. Jaggi Scrap. This material is rare and sells for 100 Zeni. It is useful for crafting weapons and armour. Here’s a guide on how to get Heavy G. Jaggi Scrap and other materials.

There are several ways to get Master Rank Materials in Monster Hunter Rise: The first is to craft weapons and armor. Armor crafting materials can be found from monster drops and traded. Monsters from the Sunbreak expansion can also be found in the game. However, they are not available at the beginning. You have to grind for them for some time in order to get them.

The new Master Rank limit in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is MR10. Once you hit this level, you will receive an Urgent Quest. During the quest, you must find a strange creature that is killing the monsters in the area. This creature is a type of Arzuros.

Collecting scraps

In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, you can exchange monster materials for scrap. The scraps will help you build armour and weapons. The scraps will also be useful for other items in the game. You can get them by collecting them from the monsters you hunt.

You can also get scraps by exchanging monster materials with Buddy Smithy. The rarer the material, the more scrap it yields. Try to save the rare materials and trade them with Buddy Smithy for other materials. Rare items give you more scrap than common ones, so it is important to keep them.

Insect Glaives

The Insect Glaive is the highest-level weapon in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. It deals 330 base damage and is a great choice for solo play. Its slashing damage is also good against monsters with North-type damage. This weapon is also highly customizable, making it an ideal choice for early builds.

There are several different ways to build an Insect Glaive. You can focus on different damage types, like raw or elemental. The Insect Glaive’s raw damage is the primary focus of this build, but you can substitute any damage type for it if needed.

Insect Glaives are the fastest weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. To use them, you should have your camera and gunner reticle speed set to high. To get the best damage from these weapons, you should also have a high level of skill. The Insect Glaive requires Level 3 Decoration slots. It also comes with a skill called Silkbind Boost.

Insect Glaives can be equipped by the hunter during a battle. The Insect Glaive glows blue when it is fully charged, which increases its attack power. Once equipped, it will attack alongside the hunter. If equipped, it will also be able to detonate dust clouds when it strikes a target.

While Insect Glaives are not as powerful as the Nargacuga, they still offer some advantages over its counterparts. They can also be used to boost Kinsects. They can be bred and leveled for increased damage. However, the best way to boost their attack strength is to use them in battle.

Another important feature of Insect Glaives is the ability to perform aerial maneuvers. For instance, using Impulse by pressing ZR and B, you can launch Kinsects towards any part of a monster. This will allow you to stay in the air while bouncing off the monster, and you’ll also be able to attack while in midair. This will allow you to use Switch Skills to maximize your damage output.

When choosing Insect Glaives, you need to decide what type you want to use. Aside from the Defender Glaive, you should also think about whether you want an assist or speed type. The Carnage Beetle has the best attack power among the kinsects, and it also works well with Bullshroud.


In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you can now craft various pieces of equipment by using Heavy G. Jaggi Scrap, which is the master rank material in the game. This material can be obtained by killing various creatures, and has a price of 100 Zeni and an attainable rarity of 8. It is also used to craft armors.

These items are useful in many ways. For one thing, they are necessary to craft Fur Scarps, which are required for various Buddy Gear sets. This item is not particularly rare, and you can get it by killing lesser monsters, such as Anteka and Kelbi.

Another thing you must do to get materials in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak also lets you trade scraps for materials. These materials can be used to craft Palamute and Palico weapons. However, you can’t simply find them in the wild, so you will have to go and gather them yourself. Luckily, scraps can be traded to unlock other items, including Armour and Weapons.

You can also use Fur Scrap to craft Buddy Equipment for Palamutes and Palicos. You can also use them to make Palico’s Sonic Costume, Canyne Tails, and Ammy Costume. These items are inspired by the characters of Sonic the Hedgehog and Okami, and can be used to customize the appearance of Palicos.

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