Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – How to Use Heavy Ore Scrap to Craft Palico Armor and Weapons

Heavy Ore Scrap is a unique material in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak that you can use to craft Palico Weapons and Armor. You can gain it by forging equipment or by trading it with Buddy Smith. It sells for 100 Zeni each and has a rarity of eight.

Uses of heavy ore scrap in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, you can use scraps to make a variety of items, such as weapons and armour. These scraps aren’t collected from the field, but instead are created when you craft an item. The type of item you’re making will determine how you can best use these scraps.

You can obtain Heavy Ore Scrap by forging equipment or trading it at Buddy Smith. It is one of the special materials that can be used for crafting Palico Weapons and Armor. You can find these materials in various locations, including Shrine Ruins, Flooded Forest, Frost Islands, Sandy Plains, and Lava Caverns. The selling price of these materials is 100 Zeni, and they are rare.

Heavy Humble Scrap is another item that you can get from fishing. You can exchange this material for several other materials. You can obtain the most scrap by trading with Buddy Smithy, who can exchange rare materials for scrap. You should always remember that rare materials will yield more scrap. It is a good idea to keep them for future use, but you should also trade them with the blacksmith for a few scraps.

Heavy Ore Scrap is useful in crafting items, and you can use it to make items for your Palamutes and Palicos. It is also a good source of Fur Scarps, which you can craft for the Palico’s Sonic Costume and the Palamute’s Canyne Tails and Ammy Costume. These items can also be purchased for pets.

How to get more monster scrap in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Heavy Ore Scrap is a valuable resource that is needed for crafting Palico Armor and Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. You can obtain them by mining specific equipment, forging specific weapons, or trading them at Buddy Smith. They have a selling price of 100 Zeni each, and are a rarity eight. You can earn more ore scrap by harvesting more of the items listed below.

The monsters you encounter in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak can provide you with scraps. These scraps are necessary for crafting Palico and Palamute weapons, and they are not found in the wild. However, you can trade them with Buddy Smithy for 1-2 pieces of scrap.

In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, you can also use the Fur Scrap to make Buddy Equipment for your Palamute and Palico. These weapons and armor can also be used to make Palico and Palamut costumes. Obtaining Fur Scrap can also help you with the crafting of Tier 2 items, like Palico’s Sonic Costume and Palamut’s Canyne Tails and Ammy Costumes. You can even get this material to craft Layered Armor Sets, which are collaborations with the games creators, Sonic the Hedgehog and Okami.

Another way to get more Heavy Humble Scrap is to complete certain Master Rank Quests in the Citadel. If you complete them, you’ll be rewarded with Elgado Tickets. You can also get them from Admiral Gelleus by trading with him. Also, you can use Malzeno armor to make more scrap. It is the second best set of armour for a Palico/Palamute in the game.

Forging weapons is also an important part of the game. You can upgrade them to make more powerful weapons and armor. However, you must upgrade them before you can forge them. To upgrade the weight of a weapon, you need to have a certain amount of heavy ore scrap.

To get more Lunagaron and Lunargon materials, you should upgrade your mastery to Master Rank 4 first. These materials can be found in multiple locations on the map. You can also get rare materials by defeating Lunagaron. Lunagaron and Lunargon weapons have high elemental scaling and are used in many meta builds. You must make sure to use them wisely and don’t waste them.

The easiest way to get more heavy ore scrap is to make a few scavenging runs. There is a mini-game that you can play after every three hunts. This game also has three monsters that you can attempt. If you can get more heavy ore scrap, you’ll have enough to upgrade your equipment and increase your level faster.

Aside from the heavy ore scrap, you can also earn gold in this game. These will allow you to upgrade your skills and unlock new weapons. In addition, the heavy ore scrap can also be used in crafting. It is easy to get more heavy ore scrap in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

If you don’t want to grind for gold, you can use decorations instead. Decorations are great for gaining gems, and they can also be used in weapons and armor. You can even get them as rare parts. A great way to get more heavy ore scrap is to craft more hunter armor.

You can also get more heavy ore scrap by killing Neopteron and Bnahabra. If you kill fourteen of each monster, you’ll be rewarded with a 2* Village Quest. Then you’ll be able to exchange the materials at the blacksmith.

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