Monster Hunter Sunbreak – How to Get Supple Piel

In M.H.R. Sunbreak, you’ll discover a new material called Supple Piel. This new material is useful for crafting items and for boosting your HP and defense. Besides that, it’s a great way to make your characters look more beautiful and strong. But how to get it? Keep reading to learn more about this material and the other great things it offers.


If you’re playing Monster Hunter: Sunbreak, you’re probably wondering how to get Supple Piel. It’s an item used in a small selection of armor items. Although it can be difficult to obtain, it can be found in several locations. The easiest place to farm Supple Piel is in Lava Caverns. These areas are underground, which makes them easy to find.

There are three places in MHR Sunbreak where you can find Supple Piel. First, you need to kill a Zamite, which is a shark-like monster found in the Frost Islands. Zamite are relatively small monsters, but after biting you, they swell to large proportions. However, this method only works if you’re on a quest that rewards the Master Rank.

The second place to farm Supple Piel is in an area that is far away from the main map. The new area is full of new characters and new weapon and armor materials. These materials will help you get to the Master Rank of the game. However, finding Supple Piel can be challenging if you don’t know where to look.

Once you’ve acquired these materials, you can make upgrades to your armor and weapons. You can use these materials to make Edel X armor. It has a higher attack and defense than the standard Edel. You can also upgrade the supple piel and the khezu axe.


To get Supple Piel, you have to kill Zamites, shark-like monsters that roam the waters of the Frost Islands. These creatures grow in size after biting you, so you must be very careful when fighting them. The only way to get a chance to acquire this item is by killing Zamites on Master Rank quests or expeditions.

You can obtain Supple Piel from three monsters in MHR Sunbreak: Zamite, Ludroth, and Uroktor. However, these three monsters will only drop this rare item when you have reached Master Rank. You can find Zamite in zones 4-8, and Ludroth and Uroktor can be found in the Frost Islands.

Obtaining Supple Piel is a difficult task, but it is essential for a certain set of armors in the early game. However, if you follow the instructions carefully, you can get it fairly fast. The key is to be persistent and avoid giving up.

In addition to Sunbreak, a new material was introduced in the game: Supple Piel. Although it is a Master Rank component, it is not a very valuable item. It is used in only a few pieces of armor, and you can buy it for a pittance of 610z.

The best way to farm Supple Piel is to farm for Uroktor in Lava Caverns. These creatures are usually located underground, and they will stick close to Royal Ludroth. If you can find a lot of them, you can sell them for 610 gold each.


In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, you can obtain Supple Piel from three different monsters: Zamite, Ludroth, and Uroktor. This special material can only be obtained from monsters at Master Rank. Ludroth, Uroktor, and Zamite are located on the Frost Islands, in zones four through eight.

Ludroth is a small yellow lizard that prefers to hang out in areas of flood-like forests or lava-carrernens. The best location to farm for Supple Piel is the Lava Caverns. They like to be near lava and are easily found.

To obtain the Supple Piel, you need to complete the master-rank quests or expeditions. These can be found in Chichae or by killing all the Uroktor and Ludroth in the area. While there is no guarantee that these quests will drop the special item, you should slay as many of these monsters as you can to increase your chances of obtaining the item. Remember that the monsters respawn once you leave the area and return, so you have to keep this in mind when choosing the locations to complete them.

The best place to find Uroktor is the Cavernes of Lave around zones 13 and 14. The best place to train the Uroktor is where it is warmest. You can also train with Ludroth in this place, and these two are the best creatures to farm Supple Piel from.

Zamite in “Hot Topic Hooligans” quest

There is a definite way to obtain more Zamites than you need to complete the “Hot Topic Hooligans” hub quest. Zamites are a type of monster that can appear in the main open world location of Frost Island. There are specific unlock criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to unlock them.

First, you need to kill at least 20 Zamites. They are a low level monster that can be found around pools of water. Killing them will earn you Meaty Hide. You can obtain this item by killing low-level Zamites in the Frost Islands, which will unlock the Frost Islands Expedition.

Zamites can be found on the map. They are shark-like creatures that spawn in the Frost Islands. You can also kill them when you go on an Expedition Tour to the Frost Islands. Be careful while hunting Zamites, because they are not easy to spot.

Zamites respawn quickly. If you’re a noob, Zamites are not very tough. They will attack you with a globular substance that causes iceblight if you’re not careful. If you’re a skilled hunter, you can safely avoid getting hit by the globule substance that Zamites release. If you’re a noob, you should try to dodge the globular substance that the Zamites shoot out of their mouths. Otherwise, they will latch on to your body and begin sucking your blood and health.

Uroktor in Lava Caverns

Obtaining Supple Piel is easy if you know where to look for Uroktor. These tiny yellow lizards are located in the Flooded Forest in areas 6, 7, and 14. You can also find them in the aquatic areas of Lava Caverns.

It is not easy to hunt these monsters because they tend to burrow underground, but it is possible to harvest its scales to enhance your weapon and armour. While hunting them, you must be aware of their respawn times. They can reappear a few minutes after killing them, so be aware of your surroundings and stay alert.

Uroktor can be found in Lava Caverns and the Flooded Forest. However, you must hunt the higher-leveled ones to acquire Supple Piel. The Frost Islands are another great location to hunt for Uroktor. These areas also have a large number of spawn points.

Supple Piel is a master-rank resource that is necessary for early game armor sets. However, acquiring it can be tricky. In the early game, you should be able to get it from three different monsters. If you can get enough materials, it will help you farm the item.

Zamite drops supple piel

While Zamite look fierce, they are actually rather weak monsters that are relatively easy to kill. They respawn after a few minutes, making them a great choice for item hunting, but it can still be difficult to find Supple Piel. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get the rare item, consider heading to the Frost Islands.

Supple Piel is an important resource in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, because you can use it to craft Master-rank weapons and armour. Supple Piel is also a rare crafting material, which makes it an excellent investment for new characters.

If you’re looking to farm Supple Piel, you’ll need to farm a certain type of Zamite. They are common in Frost Islands and usually spawn in the same areas as a few other monsters. While you’re hunting for these monsters, be sure to keep an eye out for green carve icons. If you get one, you’ll have one less piece to grind.

Having a large amount of Supple Piel is an excellent way to level up. It’s also a very valuable item for the slayer. If you can’t get enough of it, you can also buy it from Zamite vendors. But be sure to buy it from a reputable vendor.

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