MoviePass Error Joining Waitlist

If you’re looking to join the MoviePass waitlist, you’ve probably received an error message when trying to do so. The website’s servers crashed last Thursday morning, causing a massive backlog. The waitlist was closed for about four hours, and the company is working to fix the problem.

It’s too early to tell if MoviePass will succeed in relaunching, but there’s no guarantee that there’s enough demand to warrant a waitlist. After all, Spotify was able to get 2 million people on its free waitlist, but ultimately pulled the plug on the service after five months.

While MoviePass hasn’t been in operation for several years due to legal and profitability concerns, it is now ready to reopen the waitlist. The company’s new site asks for an email address and zip code, and will send notifications to those on the waitlist once tickets become available. The service will be available nationwide in phases, starting on Labor Day, and prices will vary based on the market. Depending on the area, prices will be between $10 and $30 per month.

The waitlist is free to join and will be open for five days. New users will be accepted based on their location and user interests. If you’re unable to get on the waitlist, you can still try the beta version for five days. However, you can’t sign up for unlimited viewing in the beta version of the service.

MoviePass was once a very popular movie subscription service, offering a ten-dollar monthly subscription. Its founders, Helios and Matheson Analytics, went bankrupt in 2020, but they’re back now and will be relaunching on Labor Day 2022. It is still a beta, so you’ll have to join the waitlist by August 25.

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