NewTumblr – Retain Your Tumblr Username Even If It’s Already Taken

If you have a tumblr account, you may want to consider rebranding your blog to NewTumbl. It’s free and gives you more freedom to decide what content to share. It also allows you to choose a unique name for your blog. And the best part is,

if your tumblr username has already been taken, you can still keep it!

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A great way to switch over to Ghost is with a new Tumblr username. Ghost is a great way to build a community, but it also has many advantages. It allows you to customise your publishing, as well as manage your content, and it is a fully-featured publication. Ghost also offers great support for migrating data. And it’s free for 14 days! So, what are you waiting for? Try Ghost today!

The main thing to remember when changing your Tumblr username is that you should stick with it unless you have a really good reason to change it. For example, not everyone uses Ghost, so it might be better to stick with the one you’ve chosen. In addition, staying consistent with your chosen username will help you retain backlinks and Google search results. This way, Ghost is more likely to be remembered and re-posted by other users.


Whether or not your Tumblr username has been taken, you can still use NewTumbl to keep it. If you have an account with NewTumbl, you can also import your Tumblr content from other websites. However, if your Tumblr username has been taken, you might want to reconsider switching to NewTumbl.

Tumblr users don’t want to lose their usernames, but if you do, you’ll still need to use it for your profile. Tumblr automatically releases usernames after 24 months, so it’s crucial to change it before it expires. Newtumbl offers five suggestions for Tumblr usernames if yours has been taken.

The Tag feature is the heart of Tumblr’s discovery system. It allows users to find other Tumblr users by searching for tags related to their interests. Tagging your posts with multiple tags can increase your posts’ visibility and exposure, and even help you reach a wider audience. However, be aware that Tumblr searches only index the first 20 tags.

Among the newer alternatives to Tumblr, Ghost is the most powerful and user-friendly. It’s fully customisable and supports migration. With no credit card required, Ghost is an excellent option for retaining your Tumblr username even if it’s already taken. And, as a bonus, it’s free to try for 14 days.

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Trying to find a new Tumblr username? Changing your current username may not be as easy as it sounds. Tumblr automatically releases usernames after 24 months. Fortunately, you can change your username using the mobile app or desktop. Changing your username may break links to your previous blog, so be sure to use the same one when making changes.

Tags are another way to gain exposure. Tumblr has a dedicated section for tags, so making use of this tool will increase the number of views and exposure for your posts. You can include special characters, spaces between words, apostrophes, and a variety of other symbols. You can also tag multiple posts to increase their visibility. Be wary of overusing tags, though, as Tumblr will only index the first 20 tags.

Another powerful alternative to Tumbl, typepad has been around for a while and has been used by some major bloggers and content creators. Typepad has built-in analytics tools and promotes its blogs through its own network. It also has a free trial period, but you need to give them payment details to access this feature. It’s worth it though, as Typepad is a highly capable Tumbl alternative.

When choosing a Tumblr username, always remember to credit the original author of the images you use. Reblogs are common but you should always attribute credit to the original author of the image. Reblogs link back to the original source. It’s best to stay away from selling your Tumblr posts, as it will interfere with your growing audience.

In addition, NewTumbl’s search function isn’t that effective. When searching for posts using the keyword ‘cats’, it will search posts containing that phrase. This isn’t a match, so you’ll end up seeing anything with the words cats and kittens on it. A better option would be to use a custom domain name.

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If your username on Tumblr has been taken, you have the option of reclaiming it. This is an easy process and you have 24 hours to do so. Just make sure you have an alternative blog to use. This way, you can retain your old username while using the new one. This is especially useful if your old username has been taken, but it is still possible to retain your old username if you wish.

If your username on Tumblr has already been taken, you can still use the tool. It may have some rough edges, but its main purpose is to keep your content and the community spirit of your old site. The new site will cater to text, photo, GIF, and html posts. However, you can’t copy Likes from Tumblr to newtumbl.

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