Pandas Key Error But Column Exists

You might receive a Pandas key error but column exists error while you are running a data analysis using Python. This is because Pandas does not find the column’s index label. This is a simple error to debug. To fix this issue, consider renaming the column or creating a new one. Here’s a helpful guide. Read this article if you need to fix this problem. Afterward, you can try to fix the error on your own.

A key error occurs when a dictionary does not contain the name of the column. This happens when the key is not present or if the key name is not valid. This error usually indicates a bad lookup of the dictionary. To identify the exact cause of this error, use the traceback of the function. The last few lines in the traceback contain information about the cause of the error. If you don’t want to mess with the code flow, use a try-except block.

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