Rise of the V Rising Clive the Firestarter Location Guide

Clive is a ruthless enemy who can kill you fast if you rush him. In the game, this enemy only has minimal shading, but is extremely deadly. If he gets close to you, he will throw a bomb. It will explode on impact and cause a series of smaller explosions. You can see where he’ll throw his bomb by looking for red circles on the ground.

Level 30

Leveling Clive the Firestarter can be a challenging task, but there are a few tips that can help you out. First, you should always use the crossbow to defend yourself from the Firestarter. This weapon is very safe for your character, and you can use it to shoot Clive from a distance. It will also give you a better chance of escaping the firestarter’s attack.

Clive the Firestarter is a boss that can be found in the Bandit Sulphur Quarry. To defeat him, you must have reached level 30, which is required to build a Blood Altar, which will track Blood Bosses. You can also use the Veil of Blood to counter his damaging AOE attacks.

Lastly, you must keep in mind that Clive’s first ability is very dangerous because it will instantly kill you if you rush him. This is because he uses a massive bomb that can cover a large area. It is important to save your Travel ability, but it is even more important to avoid the initial bomb.

After you’ve upgraded your gear, you can start fighting the V Rising bosses. To do this, you must have the blueprint of the Blood Altar. To build the Blood Altar, you must have at least 180 stones and 10 Blood essence. In addition, you must have at least level 34 gear.

Bandit Sulphur Quarry

The Bandit Sulphur Quarry is one of the most dangerous places in the game. You can die quickly if you rush in, and the area is filled with explosive enemies. The map in this location has minimal shading, and Clive has a bomb that he throws upon impact, causing a chain reaction of smaller explosions. The blast zones are indicated by red circles on the ground.

Clive the Firestarter can be found at the west end of Farbane Woods in Bandit Sulphur Quarry. Upon defeating him, you will obtain the Veil of Chaos power and an alchemy tablet. It is important to bring the right gear to avoid getting hit by these explosives.

Once you’ve collected enough Blood Essence, you can build a Blood Altar to track the V Blood Carrier bosses. You can get the blueprint for this by completing the “Getting Ready For the Hunt” quest. You’ll also need 180 Stones and Blood Essence. After you have them, you can proceed to the boss arena. In order to kill Clive, you need to have at least level 30 and a decent set of gear.

The Sulphur Ore from this location can be used to craft explosives. To harvest it, you must clear the surrounding hostiles. After battling Clive, you’ll be rewarded with an Alchemy Table blueprint that contains 100x Blood Essence, 16x Plank, and 12x Sulphur. You can then craft an Alchemy Table with these items. You can also craft an Explosive Box with 8x Sulfur and 4x Whetstone.

Copper weapons required

In order to upgrade your copper weapons, you need to progress your story and fight Clive the Firestarter. You need to defeat him on the Blood Altar in order to get a Minor Explosive box. Once you have a box, you will be able to use it to mine Iron Ore.

Clive the Firestarter can be tough to fight because he uses fire-based attacks. Copper weapons and Merciless Nightstalker equipment will help you fight him safely, and you’ll want to use Vermin Balm to heal yourself if necessary. Alternatively, you can try using a crossbow and snipe him, which will give you a better chance of escaping.

The Bandit Sulphur Quarry is another place where you can find Clive the Firestarter. This location is located in the west part of Farbane Woods, and you can find Clive the Firestarter wandering around the central rock formation. You can use copper mace weapon art to deal decent damage, but you must use the jump attack to get the advantage. Copper mace weapons can also be used in combination with other ranged attacks to increase your damage.

To craft explosives, you will need sulfur ore. You can get this ore by forging. Once you have defeated Clive, you’ll be able to use this metal to craft explosives. If you’re not sure how to craft explosives, check out the beginner’s guide in V Rising.

Mairwyn the Elementalist

The quest ‘Clive’ consists of defeating Mairwyn the Elementalist, a level 64 V Blood Carrier located in the Silverlight Hills. Mairwyn uses elemental powers to smite any foe. She also has the powerful Crystal Lance ability. This ability inflicts a chill on the target and deals damage. Mairwyn’s lair is found south of Solarus the Immaculate, near the southernmost Army Outpost.

To fight Mairwyn, stay at medium range and concentrate on dodging her attacks. There is no single spell that will kill her, but you should use spell combinations wisely to avoid getting killed. Make sure to use the Chaos Barrier when you can to reflect her spells. Also, make use of the Bone Shield, which shields you from being swarmed by fireballs.

In order to defeat Clive, you should use a crossbow. This weapon will allow you to dodge the bombs dropped by Clive. You will also find several powerful abilities in Clive’s arsenal, including Alchemy Table, Minor Explosive Box, and Sulphur. A powerful item you can find at the Firestarter’s lair is the Veil of Chaos power, which will allow you to dash.

You can also defeat the Winged Horror at level 78 in the Farbane Woods. In addition, you can find the Solarus boss, the highest-level boss in the game, inside the Silverlight Hills temple. The reward for killing him is the Summon Fallen Angel.


If you’re looking for the best way to beat Clive the Firestarter, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find him in the Bandit Sulphur Quarry, located west of Farbane Woods. This location also unlocks the Bomber enemy type, which uses ranged bomb attacks to deal a lot of damage. You can find him wandering around the central rock formation. Make sure you bring the right gear so you can successfully defeat him.

Unlike most V Blood carrier enemies, Grayson the Armourer has a high level cap, making him a difficult boss. He has multiple traps in his battle area, which make him more difficult to beat. The best way to defeat him is to scout around for him near a small body of water. If you can kill him quickly enough, you’ll be able to get some great rewards.

When battling Grayson, you should always take the appropriate weapon. A good choice is an ax or a long-range weapon. You can also equip your Crimson Aegis, which protects you from attacks that cause damage. It also gives you a shield that protects you from 200% of the spell’s power. If you’re able to defeat him, you’ll earn new workshop floors and statues. You can also get whetstone recipes from him.

Grayson is level 27 and uses a mix of traps to deal damage. The biggest problem he poses is the caltrops, which will deal additional damage when stepped on. Additionally, you won’t be able to move quickly if you’re wearing these traps. If you’re not using caltrops, make sure to use the armor pieces that Grayson drops in the corner of the arena. The armor grants invulnerability for a few seconds.


Polora can be found in the Gleaming Meadows, an area in western Farbane Woods. She is easy to spot and will not attack you unless provoked. However, she can summon a pixie that heals you when struck. It is best to keep an eye on Polora at all times. Occasionally she will use a close-range AOE attack. She can also be found in the Bear Cave and Farbane Woods. Luckily, she is not too difficult to find because the area is mostly made up of wildlife.

After completing the quest to find Clive the Firestarter, you should proceed to the Sulfur Quarry. Once you reach here, you’ll find a blood altar, which will help you track down your enemies. Taking the time to craft items will save you a lot of energy and allow you to use it on bosses.

The best way to defeat Polora is with your best gear. Be sure to equip the right weapons and use ranged attacks. For ranged attacks, you can use Chaos Orbs and Shadowbolt. During this time, Polora will put a fear status on everyone, making it difficult for you to deal damage. It is therefore best to fight Polora at night, when the area is less crowded.

After defeating the Firestarter, you can advance to the next boss: Polora the Feywalker. This boss is found west of Farbane Woods, and north of Bandit Sulphur Quarry. You need to be at Level 34 to meet this foe. To fight her, you’ll need armor, skills, weapons, and Vermin Slaves.

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