Samsung Front Load Washer Error Codes and Solutions

There are various reasons why your front-loading washer is displaying Samsung washer error codes. Depending on the specific error code, your washer may be having problems with the water heater, the heating elements, the steam or the cooling functions, or the water level sensor wiring. If you see any of these codes, it is important to contact a Samsung service representative. Listed below are a few common problems and solutions to fix them.

First, unplug your front-loading washer. You can either disconnect the drain hose or try to disconnect it manually. In some cases, the ND error code is a sign of a faulty drain pump, but this type of error is more difficult to repair. To troubleshoot a Samsung front-loading washer, follow the steps below. Once you’ve completed these steps, you should be able to reset your Samsung washer and eliminate the error code.

The error code could also indicate a problem with the heater relay. This component is located on the main PCB control board. To reset the electronic control board, unplug your machine for about 10 minutes. Run a small load to test its functionality. If the error code does not disappear after a few attempts, the thermistor might be faulty. If this is the case, contact a technician to diagnose the problem.

If the error code is displayed, you should consult the user manual for your model to learn more about the problem and how to fix it. An error code starting with “E” indicates an older model. The error code might also mean that the water level sensor is not properly functioning, or that the water level is too low. If you have a faulty water level sensor, you may want to consult your Samsung manual to fix it.

Another common error code, UR, indicates that your washing load is not balanced. A balanced load is the best way to prevent this error, as unbalanced loads can damage the machine’s agitator and cause it to malfunction. To fix the UR error, first remove the load from the washer. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may have to replace the controller. For more advanced error codes, you may need to contact a Samsung service center.

Various error codes are associated with the problem. The dC code, for example, stands for Unbalanced Load. In some models, this error code means that you should wait for the suds to dissipate before reloading the wash. If the error code is dC3, the problem is with the add-door. If this error persists, it means that the washing machine is not balanced and may stop mid-cycle.

Another common cause of Samsung front load washer error codes is a faulty water inlet valve. Usually, this issue occurs when the water inlet valves do not shut off properly. If you see this problem, unplug your washer and check the connections between the two water valves on the back of the washer. If these connections are intact, this problem is probably caused by a faulty water level sensor. To fix this, you should replace the sensor.

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