The Cycle Frontier Aluminum Scrap Locations Guide

If you are looking for the best locations for the aluminum scrap in The Cycle: Frontier, you have come to the right place. This guide will give you an overview of where to find the aluminum scraps in the game. Some of the locations you can visit are Cresent Falls, Korolev buildings, and Dumpsters. The guide will also give you information about other features in the game.

Cresent Falls

Aluminum Scrap is a very important crafting resource in the Cycle Frontier. It can be found in a variety of locations, including industrial crates and civilian lockers. It is also found in buildings associated with the Korolev faction. Despite its low rarity, it is a very common resource in the game.

Finding Aluminum Scrap can be a difficult task. This is because Cresent Falls is one of the toughest maps in the game, second only to Bright Sands. The most common place to find Aluminium Scrap is looting containers. While it is easier to loot these items from containers, the rates are much lower at Dig Sites.

There are four places to find Aluminum Scrap in Cresent Falls. These include the Power Plant, the Dig Site, and the East Collector Point. In the latter two locations, you have a higher chance of finding Aluminum Scrap. In addition to these locations, you can also find more dumpsters, industrial crates, and civilian lockers in Crescent Falls.

In the latter map, Industrial Crates are essential for crafting Autoloaders. In addition, crates are an excellent way to find Aluminum Scrap. During the process of building an autoloader, you can also get a shock absorber and a hydraulic piston, all of which are useful for crafting autoloaders. In addition, there are hidden stashes in Cresent Falls and Bright Sands.

Korolev buildings

In The Cycle Frontier, you can loot aluminum scrap from several locations. It spawns in industrial crates, civilian lockers, and dumpsters. While the drop rate is low, if you loot enough, you can easily make an abundant supply. This resource belongs to the Korolev faction.

Getting this scrap is not difficult, but you need to know where to find it. The easiest way is to go to the area where there are lots of Korolev buildings. These buildings have a higher chance of containing this material. For example, the Dig Site, the Power Plant, and the Water Facility are all good places to find these items.

It’s crucial to remember that the Korolev Corporation isn’t immune to attacks. Even though they are a massive corporation, they have connections with political factions and criminal elements. You may need to avoid attacks on these buildings if you don’t want to become one of them.

There are several places where you can find this scrap, but it’s important to note that aluminum scrap is rarer than the other materials. In addition, the majority of it is found on the second map, Cresent Falls. Bright Sands, on the other hand, have significantly less of it. You can also find it at the Comms Tower, Jungle Camp, and Dig Site.


A guide to finding the best locations for The Cycle: Frontier aluminum scrap can be found on The website also offers guides on the other features of the game. Getting this type of metal is an excellent way to level up quickly. However, keep in mind that the prices for this scrap are not guaranteed to go down. You can find it in dumpsters, industrial crates, and civilian lockers.

In Cycle Frontier, players can find a wide range of resources and metals. One of the most useful of these is Aluminum Scrap. Though rarer than other resources, it can be found in several places across two maps. You can find it in random shipping containers and comms towers, and you can also find it in buildings belonging to the Korolev faction.

Getting this material is not easy. In the game, you can find it in various containers, but the best locations are the ones associated with the Korolev Faction. You can find this material in the dumpsters of the Korolev Structures, though the drop rate is not high. You can also find it in the Dig Site, which is slightly less difficult to find.

If you have a Mine Key, you can open containers containing Aluminum scrap. However, you should keep in mind that dumpsters with locked doors are a prime target for player ambushes. You should also keep an eye out for dumpsters with large amounts of Aluminum scrap. You can loot enough of these to get an amazing amount of scrap.

Industrial Crates

In The Cycle Frontier, aluminum scrap is a valuable crafting resource. It can be found in various locations, including dumpsters, industrial crates, and civilian lockers. You can also find aluminum scrap on buildings that belong to the Korolev faction. However, this resource is not as easy to obtain as other metals or items, so you may need to scout a lot.

It is possible to craft an autoloader from an Industrial Crate. There’s a 2.31% to 2.09% chance of getting one, so it’s worth searching the maps thoroughly. You can also use aluminum scrap to craft the Shock Absorber and hydraulic piston.

Civilian Lockers

In the Cycle Frontier, you can find various locations for Civilian Lockers and dumpsters. You can loot these to get Aluminum Scrap. Crescent Falls has more civilian lockers and dumpsters than Bright Sands. You can loot these before exploring other areas of the game.

While you can find Aluminum Scrap in several locations, it is harder to find compared to other types of scrap metal. However, there are some locations where you can find it, such as the Comms Tower and random intractable shipping containers. Other locations to look for this material include the Jungle area, Jungle Camp, and the Dig Site.

Aside from the locations of Civilian Lockers, you can also find other items with the help of these items. Aluminum Scrap is used for crafting many items in the game. If you have enough scrap, you can craft various items that will help you progress in your rank.

Besides Civilian Lockers, you can also find aluminum scrap in Dumpsters and Industrial Crates. While the chances of looting these items is small, looting enough of these crates and lockers will result in a large amount of Aluminum Scrap. They are also associated with the Korolev faction, so they are the best locations for finding this resource.

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